Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parents Weekend 2009~!

Many things have been happening so I'm happy that I finally have the time to write a post about it! One big thing is that I have decided to change my major to studio art with a concentration in Photography and something else!!!! This is really exciting for me and I can't wait to start my art classes next semester! :) I've also been having fun with Andrew and enjoying the fall weather. It has been extremely cold this week though, so hopefully it warms up a bit before Halloween!

The weekend of October 17 my family came over to visit me here on campus! :) They took Andrew and me out to lunch in a neighboring small town called Clements. On the drive over, we passed a lovely apple orchard that was on both sides of the road. The trees were tall and green, their leaves bushy and letting in slivers of sunlight. It was a lovely orchard and we all wished we could walk around in it.

The restuarant was known as Clements Feed and Fuel and it was closing the day after we went, which was so sad! Me, Andrew, my dad, my sister, and my grandma were pretty much the only diners for a while, and our waitress was very friendly and talkative. I could tell that she was truly saddened by the closing of the restaurant; however, there was a glimmer of hope because there is a customer interested in buying it and making it into a restuarant again! :)

My dad decided to order Escargot (snails) as an appetizer for us! I was rather surprised, but we were all game and tried one! The snails were drenched in warm garlic butter and eaten with crispy garlic bread. It was ....interesting and chewy. There was a different, almost earthy taste to it, even though it was dripping with a rich garlicy butter sauce. My dad loved them, haha. :D

Andrew wanted to try the Calamari steak sandwich, which he loved~! :) It was a lightly breaded calamari steak spread with tartar sauce, which he said was good. The french fries were thick and crispy. He saved one of the halves for later that night, and he said it was still good! Glad you enjoyed it honey!
Here is a shot of my burger, with avocadoes and veggies on the side, and cheddar cheese on top of it. SO GOOD and juicy! It wasn't ridiculously huge or thick either, so I finished it in one sitting, hehehe! ;) I enjoyed it, it could've used more salt though.

My dad is awesome and took a picture of his sparerib sandwich for me! :D He enjoyed it, and gave me his other half, which I ate for dinner the next night! I think he enjoyed it, he said it was good meat.
My sister ordered the same burger as I did, and my grandmother ordered a blue cheese and chicken wrap, which she said was heavy with cheese and filling. My sister barely ate her burger for some reason and gave it to me, which I ate later that night!

My dad wanted my sister and me to each order a dessert, so we carefully perused the menu, bwahahaha. My sister ordered the Molten Lava chocolate cake (at least I think that's what it's called), which was warm and rich with chocolate! DELICIOUS! It made me giggle with every bite! It was still delicious and gooey after being warmed up in the microwave a couple days later. :)
I chose to try the Lemon Drop Cheesecake since the restuarant recomended it, and it was great! It kindled a love for cheesecake within me! It was rich and sweet, with just the right balance between tart lemon and sugary cheesecakeyness (is that a real word? hahaha)! I really enjoyed it, as did Andrew! :)
After my family left, Andrew and I spent the rest of the afternoon walking down to the Miracle Mile and then around the homes near between Pacific and Miracle Mile. It was so fun and romantic to be walking together, exploring little nooks and crannies of the Miracle Mile that we hadn't seen before. The weather was cool and comfortable, both of us dressed up and full of smiles. We went to the Empresso Cafe (aka Java Roma) and I had a refreshing smoothie. It was so nice to sit and relax in the cafe together. After that, we started walking around the beautiful and cozy homes around Miracle Mile and near UOP. Andrew and I loved seeing all the lovely homes nestled into gardens and would point out the ones we liked the best! :)
It was an amazing day that will remain etched in my mind forever. :) Thank you my love and my family!
Clements Fuel and Feed
18938 E Hwy 88
Clements, CA 95227

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Wonderful Week~! :)

I had such an fun and awesome week, perhaps one of the best weeks I have ever had. It was filled with fun, love, and so much more. I am so sad that it is over! Thank you for everything honey! :)

On Friday, Andrew took me and his youngest brother out for lunch at the famous Chuck's Diner, where huge portions reign supreme! Above is the full order of the Garden Omelette that Andrew and I shared, with the kitchen fries and pancake as our sides. The omelette was bursting with fragrant sauteed mushrooms, and the warm avocado slices added such a wonderful creamy richeness to the omelette! I want to make an avocado omelette someday! :)

The pancake was super thick! It's very tasty, almost like a large pastry! Someday I might ordered a pancake breakfast there since they are so good!

I have been aching for some onion rings lately, so Andrew was game so we ordered the full order of the house-made rings! They were good, and were battered with cornmeal, so it was thick and crunchy. They needed salt and/or a dipping sauce of some sort though. But, I still liked them! They were huge, haha! ;)
After lunch, we went to Podesto's, which is a fancy grocery store with an awesome deli and bakery. They just added a little room that house the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Andrew was a sweetheart and bought me some chocolate delights! :D Above is the caramel and dark chocolate covered marshmallows, which he really liked. I thought this was good, but a bit too sweet. He also got me a chocolate-covered smore thing on a stick, which was DELICIOUS! I ate it so quickly that I wasn't able to get a picture of it lol! Podesto's is a very nice grocery store here in Stockton, and their chocolate-sipped Florentine cookies are divine. :) I bought two to bring back to my room and I can't wait to eat them! I will be sure to take pictures!

After relaxing for a while, Andrew and I went on a long bike ride, which as glorious since I haven't gone biking for a long time! It felt good to go biking again, especially with Andrew, since it had been quite some time since we had last gone. We went to the golf course behind his house and went to the train tracks there, where we saw some dogs come our way and then leave when they noticed us, lol! We also found TONS of blackberry bushes! The berries had dried out, but now we know where to go next year to harvest some! Then, we went to down the street to a little park where we took a break and went on the swings, since I had been dying to go on some swings for a while. ;)
After that, we crossed the street and went on a lovely trail. We saw a handsome grey and white heron standing in the midst of a stream of water bubbling around some rocks. It was such a lovely scene, especially pitted against the setting sun; I wish I had my camera with me!
I really enjoyed being with Andrew and sharing memories of my childhood with him last night on our bike ride; seeing that trail made me nostalgic for my old trail.

When we arrived back at his house, it was already dark and we were both hungry and tired. There was Shumai (pork dumpling sort of things) and sticky rice in banana leaves out to eat on the table. They were from a place in Chinatown, San Francisco. I tried a shumai earlier and really enjoyed it, even though it was a bit greasy! It was tasty and meaty!

The sticky rice was certainly interesting! It was fun unwrapping the banana leaves that were encasing it, haha. It consisted of very sticky rice with peanuts, bits of sausage, some oddly oily white meat (probably fish but I have no idea), and a chunk of yummy marinated chicken in the middle. I ate some of it, but I became full very fast! I am not sure if I entirely liked was very heavy and kind of oily. I think if the insides were different, I would really enjoy it. Andrew told me they make this with other things in the rice, so hopefully I can try one of those someday! :D I enjoyed my Chinese food adventures last night!

Chuck's Hamburgers
6034 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 473-9977

Momofraise says: I had a wonderful week and am so grateful to my love for everything! Chuck's is a good old greasy spoon full of history, so please give it a try! Also, Chinese snacks are quite interesting and always well worth a try! ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday and 8 Months!!!! <3

Ahhh, this is one of those days where nothing at the University Center tastes good and I wish they was a super close Vietnamese place I could go to! Oh well, I have food in my room I can always make, but I still wish I had a kitchen....grrr....

Anyway, this past weekend was my love's Birthday and our 8 month anniversary!!!!!! :D We had a lot of fun celebrating and eating, lol! ;)

On Friday I treated him to dinner at a lovely place called Dave Wong's Restaurant; it is a Chinese place renowned here in Stockton for it's ambiance. We enjoyed the dim lighting and pretty interior. The food wasn't very expensive, but the portions were a bit on the smaller side. It was enough to get both of us full, but it would be too little for a larger group. I forgot my camera in my room since it was such an impulsive idea, but I promise to take pictures next time we go! We ordered pot stickers (which weren't very good), egg foo yung (YUM!), and Shiitake Mushroom beef. With rice of course. :)

On Saturday I worked on homework and random errands I had to run. I especially had to make sure Andrew's gifts and card were all ready for Sunday! ;)

My friend Jen walked to Target with me so I could get something. Then, we stopped at Sakura Japanese Grocery and the M&W Dutch American Bakery. I ordered a sandwich at the bakery since there sandwiches are only $4 for a whole one! Such a great deal! This sandwich had ham, turkey, lettuce, onions, and a bit of mayo. It was gooood!

I had fun and bought some candies at Sakura! The long thing with the picture of Mt. Fuji on it is the new white peach flavored Hai-chew candies! They are little gummy sweet chews! I really am enjoying this flavor! Then, I got this funky pack that came with a kids book in Japanese and caramels that I have yet to try, haha. It was so cute I couldn't resist. ;)

Sunday was me and Andrew's 8 month anniversary and I was sooooo excited about being with him! His birthday was actually yesterday, but we were both busy with class so we didn't have much time to celebrate. Thus, we did it on Sunday! Well, this whole week we will be having fun, so that counts too. :)

We hung out at his house just relaxing, enjoying a lazy Sunday, then we went back to UOP and walked to a nice Thai place called Siamese Street. Both of us were curious and wanted to try something new. Also, all our favorite places were closed since it was Sunday.

Above is my love looking cute with the veggie rolls we ordered. Also, he is holding a plate because the plates have "Siamese Street" printed on them! Our dishware was very nice. :) The whole ambiance of the place is very nice; it's a clean restuarant with a friendly and young staff. My water glass was refilled a lot, which is good since I drink a lot of water! :D

I must admit, though, that the veggie rolls were rather odd. Both Andrew and I found them to be a bit too greasy, and the insides weren't cooked all the way. The thin, see-through noodles in them were crunchy........I MUCH prefer Vietnamese Imperial Rolls! These weren't too bad though. :) Also, it was a good portion size for an appetizer, if a little pricey at $6.95 I believe.

Sorry if the pictures seem out of focus, the lighting was a bit odd. Above is the Pad See Ew with chicken that I ordered. It seemed like any other chow fun dish and I liked it, since it wasn't crazy or spicy. The chicken wasn't really overcooked and the veggies were fine. I liked the noodles, hehehehe. ;) I wished they had given a larger portion size of this though.....

Andrew ordered the Pad Thai with tofu since his friend reccomended it to us. I tried it and didn't care for it too much......the spices were odd to me. It tastes kind of sweet but also had a bite of red pepper or chili in it. Andrew liked it, so I was happy. :) The tofu was great though, and neither of us missed meat, haha! It was kind of odd because they gave us a huge portion of this! We had leftovers, which my honey ate yesterday. :)

Overall, we had a wonderful Birthday/Anniversary weekend! Thank you honey!!!! :D

Siamese Street Thai Restaurant
3236 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 466-0127
Dave Wong's Restaurant
2828 W March Ln
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 951-4152
Momofraise Says: There are lots of interesting places in Stockton, and it is fun to explore new restaurants and cuisines!

San Francisco Trip with Friends! :)

I can't believe I haven't put up this post yet! In the beginning of this semester, my college offered a trip to San Francisco by bus for only $5! Such an awesome deal! So, my friends and I were lucky enough to hear about it so we paid and were excited to go! Above is us putting our shoes together. My shoe is the awesome orange one!!! :D

The bus dropped us off in Union Square, and since we were hungry we walked over to Katana-ya after shopping a bit in Macy's. Katana-ya is a super tiny and very popular Japanese restaurant in Union Square. The place itself is very narrow and the walls are adorned with colorful and funky pieces of art! There was a nice mix of jazz and Japanese pop music playing while we ate. :)

I ordered a combination lunch of Miso Ramen and katsu don. Above is the katsu don, which is pork katsu with sauce on top of rice with a salad. The dressing on the salad was a delicious creamy sesame one. I wish Japanese restaurants sold the dressing they use, it's so good that I would use! (I am notorious for not using salad dressing lol) I really enjoyed this filling dish; the katsu was fried nicely and the sauce on it was good with the rice.

OH YEAH! Time for Miso ramen awesomeness! I really love miso ramen; ever since my dad told me to order it when I go out I have loved it's rich, savoury flavor. Katana-ya makes a good miso ramen; it's rich and filling. The noodles were good, the pork slice was just okay, and I love all the green onion, haha.

There's me, with my finished bowl! It's so rich I couldn't finish everything, lol!! :D

After eating lunch, we hailed a cab and had a crazy drive to Fisherman's wharf. There, we perused the funky jewelry stalls and bought some more things. After a while of this, we were all hankering for some gelato, which you can't really get in Stockton. So, off to North Beach (Little Italy) we went! I led everyone on a crazy journey and we finally found this whole in the wall gelato place I like.

It's pretty expensive, which was a bit disappointing. I ordered half hazelnut gelto and half smores gelato. It was good! The hazelnut was delicious, and the smores was interesting, but next time I will get something more chocolatey. :) I finished my friend's pistachio gelato and for some reason I kinda like's very rich though, haha.

Afterwards, we went back to Union Square through a free bus ride through Chinatown and got back on the bus. When we arrived back in Stockton, we immediately went to get pizza at Pacific Pizza!
Overall, it was a fun day in SF! :)
430 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 771-1280
Momofraise says: Miso Ramen is GOOD!! Gelato is GOOD!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Birthday, Pho, and Pizzokie!

Last Saturday, I was indeed a pho hoe.

It was my friend Jen's 20th birthday, so we went all out and had a great girls' night out! :) We first went to Pho Saigon Bay, and it was good! Some of my friends had never had Vietnamese food before so I helped them out and suggested some good dishes. I, of course, went for the beef pho and cha gio (Imperial rolls). I got a medium bowl and requested extra noodles for a dollar. It was funny because they didn't put the noodles in the bowl with the pho, but in a separate bowl with a tasty broth......hmmm. It was still good though! Just oddly presented I guess.

This entire order was for me....I love these so much! I wrapped the rolls up in the lettuce and pickled veggies, which brought them up to a whole new level! :) Very fresh and tasty!

Yep.....there is my pho and extra noodles. I loved it! The broth is so rich and beefy, but not overpoweringly so. The beef wasn't too tender, but that's okay. Great soup!
After dinner, since we weren't hungry for dessert yet, we went next door to Crossroads Trading Company, an awesome used-clothing store. I got a super cute orange tote bag covered in little fruits for $2.00!!!!!! :D
Then, we went to Rasputin's and looked through used CDs and DVDs. I got a Radiohead album used and was happy. :)
I was pretty tired by this point, but Jen wanted to go to BJ's Brewery for a Pizzookie dessert, which is a giant cookie topped with tons of ice cream. We had to wait a while for a table since BJs is super popular here in Stockton! It's crazy!

So, we got seated at 8:45 pm and ready for more food! A bunch of my friends ordered root beer, since BJs makes it themselves. I tried it and it was interesting; I don't like root beer, but I can understand why it is popular there.
We got a starter of fries! :D These were super thin and very good! Of course, we gobbled them up in two seconds, haha.
Then....the massive, epic Pizzookie arrived! Crazy, huh? It was delicious though. The cookie was super gooey and warm.....the vanilla ice cream melted on it......yummmmmmm............

Yay! Here is a pic of me happy with my pizzookie slice! :) I also ordered a strawberry lemonade, and that was good too. :)
Pho Saigon Bay
5756 Pacific Ave # 14
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 477-5972 (Phone)
BJs Restaurant and Brewery
5733 Pacific Ave
\Stockton, CA 95207-5148
(209) 373-4660
Momofraise Says: Saigon Bay has great food at affordable prices, and BJs is fun for a party! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Haggin Museum and more!

Hello! Once again, another week has passed! I had a good week and I am so excited about the changing weather! For some reason, I am just relishing the Fall weather and October itself. October is especially special because Andrew's birthday is October 5! :D I am so excited to give him his gift! Our 8 month anniversary is the day before, so this is a special weekend!

Two weeks ago on a lovely Saturday, Andrew took me to the Haggin Museum! I've been wanting to go there for quite sometime, so it was so sweet of him! I was sad because they got rid of the mummy right before I came back to Stockton....too bad...haha.

Above is a rather glamorous picture of me, if I may say so myself. ;) The museum is in the middle of a rather large and lovely park, with lots of grand trees, a little fenced off lake, and picnic tables dotting the grass everywhere. There is even a lovely rose garden too! The museum itself is made of brick and is quite stately looking.
Andrew and I really enjoyed it and spent almost three hours just looking at all the exhibits! There was a Matisse exhibit, as well as an awesome Japanese woodblock print exhibit. There are about three stories in the musuem, and it is so fun! We learned a lot about Stockton's history! The little gift shop downstairs was very cute and I got a few things, including a leather bookmark for my grandmother. :) Since Andrew and I are students, it only cost $2.50 each to get in! It's a real deal! Thank you honey!

Afterwards, we both realized how hungry we were! Thus, he sweetly offered to take me to Pho Saigon Bay! It was delicious! Andrew is definitely my favorite dining companion! :)

We ordered the large bowl of pho with just rare steak and Imperial rolls. Sooooo gooood! I had a wonderful day!
Here are a few random pictures of food I ate that week too, haha.

There were chocolate-dipped madeleines at the cafe in the University Center....the chocolate was mediocre, but it was still a nice treat. :)

One night I made onigiri (rice balls) for me and Andrew in my room! So fun and easy!

For Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish holiday, my dad sent me a care package which included snacks as well as apples and honey! Which is one of my favorite fall treats. :) I was really excited about Andrew trying it, so we had some. It was sweet and fun! I think he liked them! :D

So yeah, I have been having a lot of fun here!