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Time Flies When You're in Love~

It's been a grey day and I've just been holed up in my room since it's so cold outside. I actually did go out to take some pictures of my friend for my photography assignment, and it went well. But when I got back to my room, my fingers were stiff and freezing! Luckily, I don't have much homework so I can just relax, which is what I have been doing. I do wish I could bake something though.....

Last week went well, except there was a TERRIBLE storm for a few days! The wind and rain were so strong I had trouble sleeping! Not to mention that walking to class and the University Center was a chore. There might be more rain this week, so I am not looking forward to that. Andrew started classes again and his schedule is rather intense! I have been there for him and we have fun being together, even if we are sometimes tired lol. I went to a couple family parties this weekend which were so fun!! I was a little overwhelmed by all the people I hadn't yet met, but everyone was …

I'm back, baby~!

Well, hello 2010! A lot of fun things have happened so far, so I have a good feeling about this year! :)

I have been back at school for a little over a week now and it's been intense but manageable. I am now an art major, which means that I'm learning how to deal with classes that are different than any kind I've taken before. I never even took art classes in high school! I am in class almost all day from Monday through Thursday and then Friday is my day to work on art projects in the art studios here. This morning I spent two hours at the ceramics studio trying to learn how to use the pottery wheel. And let me just say that it is NOT easy! It's like a workout! I am exhausted!

I am not going to lie: this week has been hard for me. I guess I have to get used to my new schedule and become more familiar with my classes. I sometimes have a hard time dealing with change, so I have to keep that in mind. I have been enjoying my time with my friends and with Andrew though!! He h…