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A Wonderful Sunday!!!

Oh, am I having a case of the Mondays today! I had the most wonderful Friday and Sunday this past weekend, and now I am back in the motion of classes and studying and annoying people. Ugh. I miss Andrew a lot and the only thing keeping me going right now is the fact that he has a gig here on campus tomorrow night and I am soooo proud of him and excited! I am just going to stay strong and look forward to it! :)

It's funny, I have just come to the realization that I really hate studying. The past few weeks have been gloriously study free and I have been relaxed and feeling good. Now, I have some papers and a mid-term and everything seems miserable here. I really don't want this semester to end..... :( There are so many things up in the air concerning next semester and this summer. I hope it will all turn out alright. I applied for a Pacific Fund Grant to get money for my trip to Japan this summer, but I haven't heard a thing and I was supposed to last week! So, we will see wh…

Pho Saigon Part 2--Last Day of Spring Break!

Hey all! I am back in Stockton, having taken the train on Friday. Andrew picked me up and we have been having fun! :) I am starting to feel better, which inspires me!
It was raining all day on Friday, which made the day seem rather cozy. I spent the morning getting my stuff together and trying to make my boxes seem less heavy for my dad's move this weekend. Yep, my family moved, but luckily they are still on the trail I love so much!
Around 10:30ish, one of my best friends, Andi, came to pick me up with all my stuff and we went out to lunch. She offered to drive me to the Amtrak station, which saved me a lot of stress. Thanks Andi-girl! :)

So, where did we go? Pho Saigon of course! ;D
It is a tradition between us to always go out to Vietnamese food when I am in town. This new place is so good that we knew we had to go! She ordered the spring rolls with shrimp as a starter and scarfed them down! :)They looked very fresh!

I, of course, ordered the egg rolls, which are my favorite, and t…

Adventures in Lent-land: Day 3--Pho Saigon!

As I have mentioned previously, I am sick with a cold at home and since I was feeling sort of down about it, my dad sweetly took me out to lunch on Monday! We went to the new Vietnamese restaurant in Walnut Creek, Pho Saigon!

For an appetizer,I asked if we could get vegetarian egg rolls because I LOVE them and I figured it would be interesting to try them veggie-style. These were pretty good, longer than I expected. However, I wish more lettuce and pickled veggies had been given. Also, the fish sauce was rather bland and not as tangy as I like. Fish sauce is supposed to be tasty, sweet, slightly spicy, and just plain awesome! Nevertheless, my dad and I scarfed these down and looked forward to our other dishes. :)

This was the fried shrimp cake appetizer, ordered by my dad because in Lent, he said, one should always experiment with different vegetarian foods or fish dishes. Well, we both tried this when it arrived and neither of us cared much for it. It wasn't overly fishy or anythi…

Adventures in Lent-land: Day 1

Yes, my friends, it's that time of year again: Spring Break! I, for one, wish my college would have spring break later, when it's actually more spring-like, but it's okay. I went home yesterday and was confronted with a house empty of meat because of Lent! Now, I was not worried; my dad is a great cook and I don't need meat to be happy. So, for this week, I decided to document all the food I eat in an effort to show the world how one family eats during Lent. :) (Also, this gives me something to work on as I miss Andrew SO MUCH) I hope you all enjoy the posts this week! :D
Lunch yesterday was simple and comforting. I was supposed to be in LA with friend for the beginning of break; however, I have been sick since last Monday and wasn't better by the time they left. Thus, I just went home to rest and recuperate. Since my throat was hurting a lot yesterday, I requested miso soup for lunch and my dad did not disappoint! :) It was rich and thick with tangy miso, flavorful…