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Fun Foodie Friday~!

Aaaahhh, Friday and Saturday April 9 and 10 were two glorious days~ Andrew and I had so much fun! Things have been getting busier for me as the semester winds down and my trip to Japan looms closer. Last week, though, was rather calm and I welcomed it. I spent some quality time with Andrew, applied for a Passport (I hope my application goes through!), and my classes weren't too bad. :)

Friday was wonderful-- Andrew and I were able to spend the whole day together and it was such a blast! :D That morning was interesting because we went to a different (and sketchier) part of town so I could submit my passport application and take pictures at a post office. There is only one post office around here that does walk-in applications and pictures so we braved it and went there. It wasn't a bad experience at all! I had an issue concerning IDs, so hopefully I will still be able to get my passport.

After the whole application process was done, Andrew and I went to try Genova Bakery, a bake…

My Bowls!

Yep everyone, those are my four finished bowls! :D The one with the hearts is for Andrew, and I was so happy to give it to him last night! Yay! :D He loves it and I can't wait to hear if he used it for breakfast this morning lol~ The one with the kanji in the bottom (which means "hope") is a ramen bowl for my Dad, because he really wanted one. I plan to give it to him when I go home at the end of the semester (which is way too sad to think about....sigh), so I hope he likes it! The one underneath Dads is for me, a little rice bowl hehe. And the one under Andrews was for Professor Albala,, my favorite professor who helped me get my grant for Japan! He was excited to get the bowl and I hope he enjoys using it! :) Now, I have tons of random cups and mugs I am glazing. I am really excited about them and I can't wait to give them to more people! :D

A Wonderful Revisit-- Le Kims!

The weather here in Stockton has certainly been interesting. A few weeks ago, the days were hot and vibrant with green grass and blooming flowers. Then, last week the weather took a turn for the worse and rain was falling almost every day, and the days were cold and slate-grey. Not exactly the most cheerful Spring week, let me tell you.

However, this post and the pictures hearken back to the week where every day was a bouquet of sunshine and smiles.

This particular Friday dawned bright and cheerful; Andrew took me out to our first favorite place, Le Kims! This restaurant is really special to us; we used to go all the time when we first dating and have loved it ever since. :) It was our haunt when the nights were cold and rainy~ We noticed we hadn't gone in a while, so we decided to go and get some good, homey Veitnamese eats! :)

I got new glasses! The frames are purple and very cute~ I love this picture; it's so sweet! Of course we had to take pictures together at lunch, it was …

My 20th Birthday~!

Gahhhhhh, I can't believe I hadn't posted this yet!!! This past week has been INSANE. I had some hard stuff to deal with, such as the death of a family friend and frustating class scheduling. College is never easy, and in the words of my wonderful father-- "Living on your own is tough!"
I couldn't have said it better myself, Dad. :)
However, a lot of fun was had by me and Andrew this holiday weekend. :) I am glad that we are settling back into our usual routine this week-- I actually am a "routine" kind of person, and I really don't like change. I can't believe it's April already...I am going to Japan next month!

Now, without further ado, here is what I did for my 20th birthday in January! Stay tuned for more catch-up posts to follow! :)

~ ~ ~
Oreo cookie cake with 20 candles, courtesy of my love and his family! :D

Hello everyone! Saturday January 3o was my 20th Birthday!!! I am really excited about being 20; it feels right to me and…

:D Just for fun~

This is college.

(taken with my new Nikon D3000 camera! more posts will be up as soon as I have time)