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First day back from Japan and BIG NEWS! :D

Hello everyone! It's been ages since I have written in here, but there are reasons for that! When I came back from Japan, I became busy and was settling back into my life here in America. I had family obligations, I wanted to see Andrew and my friends, and I wanted to get ready for my junior year of college!

First off, here is the big news! The day after I arrived back from Japan, my dad and I picked up Andrew from the train station and we got to spend the day together! It was magical! Andrew surprised me with the most lovely gifts, we went to Indian food for lunch, and then......Andrew proposed to me! After lunch we went to go buy a ring from our favorite funky jewelry shop, and then we walked to a lovely bridge overlooking the creek and he popped the question! It was funny and romantic, which totally fits us haha XD I am so happy and blessed to be engaged to the most wonderful man on Earth! Thank you baby! :D

That was a very amazing Saturday, and the rest of my time in Walnut Cre…