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Sho Mi

I must admit, I have been very busy ever since I set up this blog so I haven't been able to find much time to start posting. However, the semester is winding down and I realized that I have a little more time now, yay!

I am a college student attending University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. My hometown is near San Francisco, so I've been spoiled by the rich food culture of the city. As for Stockton...well, there are some pretty good restaurants, but one has to search for them.

A place that I regularly go to with friends is a Japanese place called Sho Mi in the Lincoln Shopping center up Pacific Ave. Now, I am a Japanese major and have grown up going to Japantown in Sf so I have eaten (and cooked) a lot of Japanese food. Sho Mi is perhaps not the most authentic or wonderful Japanese restaurant, but it strives to be. Personally, my friends and I all find that it is one of the best deals around. The menu is rather large and has many different dishes, such as ramen, curry, donbur…