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Hey everyone. Well, I'm on winter break for four weeks and I'm in the Bay with my family. I'm hoping to update this blog more since I will be having cooking adventures.

I'm feeling a little upset at the start of this break though because my laptop was stolen yesterday on the Amtrak train. I also had my phone charger, iPod charger, and webcam stolen. It's dumb because whoever stole my stuff forgot to take the laptop charger. I talked to an Amtrak police officer last night and will be working on getting money from them to replace my stuff. I'm hoping they will give me some money, but I'm not holding my breath on it.

To be honest, this makes me feel so bad. I worked so hard all semester, and this is what happens? I'm trying to be strong and do things with my family, but it's hard. I miss Andrew terribly.

This is Christmas time, and I have valuables stolen from me. I trusted Amtrak to have a secure place for my suitcase. Obviously, that didn't do anyth…