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My First Banh Mi! :D

Hello all! Yes, I know it has been quite some time since I last posted something and I feel bad about it. I just got really busy for a while, you know how tough the life of a college student can be! ;)

I have TONS of pictures to post up for various entries, so those will be coming up in the future! Also, for a while I was scared my camera was broken but then my friend helped me figure out what was wrong this morning, thus I was able to get the pictures from it! Yay! :D

So, last Wednesday, I was invited to go to a Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) place near campus by a new friend, who is Vietnamese. I was so excited and happy that she invited me! She is really nice and we get along very well. I love making new friends! :D

I ordered the #6 with the egg roll combo. The #6 sandwich had grilled pork in it, along with pickled carrots and a white veggie thing, cilantro, a thick slice or two of crunchy cucumber, and I think of mayonnaise. I enjoyed it, but wished there was more pork in it. However,…

Goodies and Nature! :)

We were hit with thunder and rain yesterday morning, and now the sky today has still been grey and murky! It's amazing how it was so hot during the week and all of a sudden this weekend the weather took a rather dramatic turn! :)

Otherwise, things are going well here. :) Just getting back into the swing of things; I find myself pretty busy during the week and then on the weekend I get pretty tired. I love it being here though, so it's all fine by me! Things are getting better! :D

Today has been all right, just another slow Sunday. I find myself getting a bit nostalgic and lonely on Sunday nights, but I am trying to keep busy. While I was struggling with my Micro Economics online homework earlier, I decided to take a little break and check out Andrew's blog. I was so excited and happy to see that he posted a food entry! :D Of course, I got all teary because I was so touched and happy. That really made my day! Here is the link: Poo…

Happy 7 Months love!!!!!

Last Friday was me and Andrew's 7 Months Anniversary!!!! Yay!!!! :D Our first one since I've been back to school!! It was a lovely Friday and I dressed up all cute for him, since I was so excited!!

He had been dying to try Indian food for a while, and we found a place in Stockton that had great reviews, so he wanted to go there for our anniversary! It was on my list of places to try! :)

We went to Tandoori Nites and ate at their lunch buffet for $7.95 a person, which isn't too bad. Andrew was very excited about eating at a buffet! ;)

The above was my first plate. From the top clockwise: aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower), chicken tikka masala, tandoor chicken, and vegetable pakora. Of course, that is saffron rice in the middle. Andrew served me the rice. :) The aloo gobi was tasty, but way too spicy so I ended up giving my share to poor Andrew, who was becoming overwhelmed! The chicken tikka masala was tasty and very mild; I really enjoyed it! It tasted so rich mixed with t…

Pacific Pizza Unveiled!

I have consumed so much pizza these past few weeks! First I had some pizza with Andrew's family one Saturday night, then I went to Pacific Pizza twice last week! Pacific Pizza is such an awesome place because it about 3 minutes away by walking and they give UOP students a 15% off discount! :D My friends and I love it! Their pizza is pretty good too, and they offer quite a few different toppings. My favorite is mushroom and canadian bacon! Yum!
Last night the cafeteria was closed, and since my friends and I had just come back from San Francisco we didn't want to eat school food anyway. So, we went over to Pacific Pizza! I ordered the above pizza with mushrooms and Canadian bacon, and took two slices back to my room! I ate them today and they were good!
I also went last Thursday night for fun and ordered a mushroom and red onion pizza. It was still good, but I like it with Canadian bacpn better. :)
Here is the upskirt shot! So clean....I wish they had let it cook longer.

This was …

An Epic Walk in Search of Pho!

Last Tuesday night, I was so hungry. Perhaps it was the fact that the day was pretty hot and stuffy, or perhaps I just wasn't feeling like school food. My friend Jen had been telling me we had to get pho together soon, and since I wanted to go out, we decided to go that night! Problem was, neither of us had a car and no one was free to drive us. So.....we ended up walking up the street to go to Pho Saigon Bay, which is the pho place Jen likes. It didn't take too long, maybe 20-25 minutes, and luckily it was cooling down. The road, which is a main road in Stockton, was so busy and full of cars! It made me realize how many people live here and have to commute. It would be so cool if Stockton revamped it's public transportation system, but we'll see....

When she and I got to the restaurant, it was cool and full of shade! We sat down and looked over the menus handed to us, salivating over the pictures of the various dishes. By that time she and I were so hungry!!!!!!
First …

I'm back, baby!! :D

Hello again!! I am so sorry that I have been on lax about posting lately; I have been really busy sinceI came back to school! Ever since last week, I have been feeling like I am settling back in here and it feels good. I have been feeling better in general, and I have been spending lots of times with my friends, and Andrew of course! ;) We all have new schedules, which makes things interesting, so we are trying to deal with that. I think I need to be aware that change will always happen and I have to be strong enough to deal with it!

Two Fridays ago, Andrew surprised me and took me to lunch at our favorite Vietnamese place, Le Kims! It was so sweet of him, and a very delicious lunch! I didn't feel like slurping down pho, so I ordered a vermicelli rice bowl because I was curious about all the other items on their huge menu. I ordered the barbecue chicken and imperial roll bowl! SO GOOD! I found it to be such a refreshing meal! There was a salad underneath the rice noodles, and the c…