An Epic Walk in Search of Pho!

Last Tuesday night, I was so hungry. Perhaps it was the fact that the day was pretty hot and stuffy, or perhaps I just wasn't feeling like school food. My friend Jen had been telling me we had to get pho together soon, and since I wanted to go out, we decided to go that night! Problem was, neither of us had a car and no one was free to drive us. So.....we ended up walking up the street to go to Pho Saigon Bay, which is the pho place Jen likes. It didn't take too long, maybe 20-25 minutes, and luckily it was cooling down. The road, which is a main road in Stockton, was so busy and full of cars! It made me realize how many people live here and have to commute. It would be so cool if Stockton revamped it's public transportation system, but we'll see....

When she and I got to the restaurant, it was cool and full of shade! We sat down and looked over the menus handed to us, salivating over the pictures of the various dishes. By that time she and I were so hungry!!!!!!
First off, we both ordered water and an appetizer of Cha Gio, which are also called Imperial Rolls or Vietnamese egg rolls. I have developed such a love for these!!!! They can have a strong flavor that seems kind of peppery, but I love them! Their flavor is hard to explain; it's rich, and I think these rolls had pork inside, along with the thinly sliced carrots and other veggies. They were super hot and fresh, but Jen and I were so hungry that we ate them right away, dipping them into the nuoc mam dipping sauce, which is made of vinegar and fish sauce apparently. I still like it!
Now, I was hungry and feeling bold, so I ordered the large bowl of pho with sliced raw beef and well done beef flank. I didn't like the beef flank at all, so I know not to order that next time. But, the beef slices were good and plentiful! The broth was pretty good as well, not super strong. I enjoyed the soup a lot, and the noodles were good too. :)
Yay! There's me about to dig in to my huge soup bwahahahaha!! :D
The meal itself was pretty cheap! It was only about $10 each, since we ordered the rolls. I definitely want to go back again! However, Le Kims is still my favorite place and I can't wait to go back there too!
After dinner, we made a stop at Tapioca Express so Jen could get milk tea (even though we were both terribly full haha). Then, we went across the street to Nubi Yogurt! It is a pretty popular frozen yogurt place here and I've been dying to try it. I got my usual of chocolate and vanilla swirl, cookies and creme, gummi bears, almonds, mochi, and bits of waffle cone.
I have to admit though, the yogurt wasn't too tasty. I feel like I've had richer frozen yogurt that was more abundant in flavor. It wasn't bad, and it was pretty cheap, so I guess I would go back if my friends were going.
I actually tried another fro-yo place a few weeks ago here called Yogurt My Way, and I really enjoyed their fro-yo!
All in all, that night was an epic adventure! It was also funny because we walked by Andrew's college and I kept wanting to go in and try to find his class! :D


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