Cafe Citti

The weather is still crazy today; as I look outside my window all I see are clouds and some wind blowing through the trees. I wish it was sunny outside; it's June for goodness' sakes! Also, perhaps the fact that I have been lying in bed with a cold makes me wish for cheery sunlight. I am not super sick, but I have a stuffy nose and I am rather tired. I had to cancel my Japanese lesson again so I could stay home with my sick dad and try to get well! It's funny because both my dad and I have awesome plans for friday, so we are trying so hard to get well! I know we will both be fine; I have plans to see Andrew on friday if he is feeling good, so I am excited!!!

So, after Saturday night's awesomeness, on Sunday my family decided to go on a mini road trip to get out of the house since people were coming over to look at it. Also, my dad was feeling better and wanted some fresh air. Thus, we decided to take a trip up to Napa and eat lunch at an absolutely delicious Italian restaurant that we hadn't been to for 3 years but still remembered.

We stopped in Napa at the outlets before lunch for my sister, who wanted to do some shopping. We bought sunglasses and some jewelry since there was a sale going on at some store called Pac Sun. Then, we drove some more to get up to Kenwood, which is where the restaurant is. The drive was pretty and rather interesting; there are so many funny little towns in California! We passed through one such town called Agua Caliente, named so because there is supposedly a hot spring nearby.

Anyway, we finally found the restaurant and were surprised that it wasn't more crowded on such a pleasant Sunday. The set-up it has is interesting; You order at a counter and then you get complete table service, and you pay at the end of your meal.

My father's favorite dish there would have to be the garbanzo bean salad. Garbanzo beans, celery, and olives are tossed in a thick garlicy dressing. My father has been searching for a recipe, but hasn't had any luck finding one.

Both my father and sister ordered this before their main meals.

I ordered the half rotisserie chicken and hot pasta special--Yum!

I ordered linguine with pesto sauce! It was sooo delicious! The pesto was full of basil and Parmesan; so delectable! The chicken was also very tasty! I really enjoyed this dish. :)

My father ordered a pasta dish, but I forgot what it was called........sorry!

My sister ordered their lasagna, which might was described as having both bechamel sauce and tomato sauce! Quite rich!

My sister and I also spilt their chocolate mousse for desert, and it was quite delicious! Rich chocolate flavor with smooth mousse. We devoured it so quickly I didn't have time to take a picture!! :)

Here is a picture of the view outside the restuarant in Kenwood! So much green! Cafe Citti is by far my favorite Italian place!


  1. glad you had fun hun...haha i just said that! luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!


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