First day back from Japan and BIG NEWS! :D

Hello everyone! It's been ages since I have written in here, but there are reasons for that! When I came back from Japan, I became busy and was settling back into my life here in America. I had family obligations, I wanted to see Andrew and my friends, and I wanted to get ready for my junior year of college!

First off, here is the big news! The day after I arrived back from Japan, my dad and I picked up Andrew from the train station and we got to spend the day together! It was magical! Andrew surprised me with the most lovely gifts, we went to Indian food for lunch, and then......Andrew proposed to me! After lunch we went to go buy a ring from our favorite funky jewelry shop, and then we walked to a lovely bridge overlooking the creek and he popped the question! It was funny and romantic, which totally fits us haha XD I am so happy and blessed to be engaged to the most wonderful man on Earth! Thank you baby! :D

That was a very amazing Saturday, and the rest of my time in Walnut Creek was fun, but I missed him so much. I was able to see him a lot, and I was able to spend time with friends! Then, my family was getting a French exchange student who was going to be occupying the room I was in. So I asked my college for permission to come early and had to sleep on my grandma's couch (my Nana is the best!) for a week before I came back to school. However, the day before I was going back, my dad and I started discussing my major and stuff. Long story short...I have to change my major to something that will make sure I graduate in 2012 or else.'s been stressful. I got back last Wednesday and had tons of fun with Andrew! Then, this weekend things became a little funky with his family. But it's okay, we live and learn and deal with things. :) They care about us, and I have to remember that. Andrew is also there for me if I start getting stressed out, as I am for him!

I start classes next Monday and I suppose I am a little nervous...not too excited, but hopefully things will work out with my major. I also have to finish writing the Japan book this semester, as well as trying to get some tutoring jobs. On the bright side, I have a pretty cute townhouse with my friend Kaitlynn (who is moving in tomorrow) and it has a tiny kitchen! The naking sheet my grandma bought wont even fit in the oven....haha XD I'm trying to decorate it and make it feel as homey as I can! It will take a while though, but that's okay. It's only the beginning of the year~

So, back to the pictures above. We had the buffet, of course, and it was delicious! I only had one plate since I was still jet-lagging, but I enjoyed it! Being with Andrew was, of course, amazing and more important! :) Then, the other pictures are of the place where he proposed and my gorgeous ring! It's so pretty and unique~~ Thank you so much boo!!!! :D

It feels good to be blogging on here again at college. This blog houses many great memories for me; I am excited to post pictures of my cooking adventures since I have a kitchen now! Lately though, I have been eating simply. Just sandwiches, salads, chips and salsa, cereal~ I do have lumpia from Andrew's mom in my freezer, waiting to be fried and consumed bwahahaha!


  1. welcome back, fully!
    and congratulations!! xD it's so sweet~ <3

  2. YAAAY! Congratulations!!! :D :D :D

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! after looking at quite a few pages on your wonderful blog- i can sense some incredible happiness here!!!!!!
    i love it!!!!!


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