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Valentine's Day 2010!

(Yay, those are the cute stuffed loves that he gave me, along with a sweet and awesomely ilustrated card! Thanks love!)

Last Sunday was my second Valentine's Day with Andrew, and it was fun to celebrate a holiday a second time together~ :D Our day was rather unconventional, which works for us! ;)

It started off with us working at a children's birthday party! Andrew is the guitar teacher for a sweet 9 year-old and I get to tag along at the lessons because the family likes me lol. The party was celebrating both the son and daughter's birthdays. Andrew was in charge of the boys and I handled the girls. The girls were ages 3-7 and let me tell you it was tough work. I was exhausted by the end of the day. Some of the girls' parents were there and not all were nice to me. I just shrugged off their rudeness and tried to be the best babysitter I could be. I think I did a great job, as no girls had any problems. :) Some of them even really liked me, which was cute and fun for me~


YAY! On Thursday Febuary 4, 2010, it had been one year since Andrew and I started dating! We have grown so much together and can't imgaine being without each other! I feel like my life has changed for the better and through him I have been introduced to so many wonderful foods, bands, and fun things! Andrew is my true love, my other half, my best friend, and my partner in life. :)

Sadly, Thursday was a busy day for both of us. I had classes all day, and he worked all morning and had class all afternoon. He came to my room around 4:30ish and we hung out the rest of the night at his house just relaxing. We gave each other gifts and had a blast opening them! He gave me a lovely eternity ring with gold and cubic zirconias! We pledged our committment to each other. :D

On Friday, I woke up feeling more rested and better than I had during the week, and he only had a short morning class, so we were together all day! Yay! We had lunch on campus (which was pretty good!) and then went to Saku…

Legit Mexican Food!!

Yep, there's me and my cute baby getting ready to perform at Studio 24 in San Francisco last night! We had quite the adventure! Andrew performed AMAZINGLY and I really enjoyed hearing him improv with the techno beats and other musicians! It was sexy! ;)

Since we were in the Mission District in San Francisco, I did some research on a good Mexican place to eat. I found a place called Papalote's Mexican Grill and the menus sounded awesome! We walked a few blocks and found the place booming with people at 5:30 pm! It's rather small, and you place your order at a counter before being seated. We ordered the nachos with chicken and carne asada tacos. I asked to "super" everything, which means they put sour cream and guacamole on your order for $.99, which made everything taste even more fabulous!

The carne asade tacos gave me a foodgasm. Seriously. The meat was so flavorful and tender, and all the fixings tasted AMAZING! The sour cream and guacamole brought it all to ano…