Legit Mexican Food!!

Yep, there's me and my cute baby getting ready to perform at Studio 24 in San Francisco last night! We had quite the adventure! Andrew performed AMAZINGLY and I really enjoyed hearing him improv with the techno beats and other musicians! It was sexy! ;)

Since we were in the Mission District in San Francisco, I did some research on a good Mexican place to eat. I found a place called Papalote's Mexican Grill and the menus sounded awesome! We walked a few blocks and found the place booming with people at 5:30 pm! It's rather small, and you place your order at a counter before being seated. We ordered the nachos with chicken and carne asada tacos. I asked to "super" everything, which means they put sour cream and guacamole on your order for $.99, which made everything taste even more fabulous!

The carne asade tacos gave me a foodgasm. Seriously. The meat was so flavorful and tender, and all the fixings tasted AMAZING! The sour cream and guacamole brought it all to another level! Everything tasted very fresh and wasn't greasy at all, which is great!

Here's the super nachos with chicken, which I was DYING to try lol. There's melted cheese and refried beans, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, and pieces of a flavorful but rather dry chicken. We both couldn't get enough of these nachos and had so much fun eating them! I was really happy to be eating good Mexican food with my love! :D Luckily, we didn't have to wait long for our food. We were also given chips with their legendary salsa. Andrew ate it and got all sweaty pour thing! He said it was very hot!

Afterwards, we walked down the street to find the venue and set up. I stopped at a bakery/cafe called La Victoria and got some delicious pastries! I got a moist chocolate cupcake/muffin, a chocolate and vanilla swirl slice of poundcake, and a super moist and rich almond muffin. All of the pastries were heavenly and well-made! I was so happy~!
Then, we got to the venue and set up for awhile. People started trickling in as they heard African drums by Jean-Claude, the first performer. Then, it was time for Andrew to go up! :D

Andrew performed wonderfully and people really liked his music! :D I was soooo proud and excited to hear him! He played four songs, all originals, two of which were for me! ;) I thought this Studio 24 was a good venue for us. If you ever want to listen to his music, check out his myspace here: myspace.com/octjado ! I read some poetry, but I thought I did okay. I really need to write some new poems!
However, I learned some things about the art scene in the Mission District in SF last night that I don't like very much....Seriously, do some of those people even understand what art is??? We ended up going to a couple more venues after our show; one of which was in a house! Most of the musicians were very talented and pleasant to listen to, but those poets were a disgrace! Babbling on about "nuclear weapons" and "words that remind us of other words"!!! It upsets me to hear people like that lauded as amazing writers and such because really, they aren't. Now, I am just saying my opinion; however, I am a learned person who has read countless books and has studied poetry. I think I can judge good from bad. But those hipsters high on drugs and drunk on beer obviously CAN'T. It was a very weird atmosphere to me and I felt like I did not fit in. George (the boss of Euphorah Productions) said he can get spots for me and Andrew to perform at that house, but I am not sure if I want to be a part of it. I of course will be there to support my love if he wants to perform there though! George then wanted Andrew and me to scope out this other venue that was located in a sketchy warehouse that stank of drugs and was full of hipster people just socializing with each other and not caring about who was performing. There was so much talking going on that we couldn't even hear the band! I was so uncomfortable and just wanted to relax with Andrew, but since it was so late I knew we wouldn't be able to do even that.
Last night was a rather weird but great experience for the both of us. I was so happy that I saw Andrew perform and that we were able to have a great dinner together!
Papalote Mexican Grill
Neighborhood: Mission
3409 24th Street
(between Poplar St & Valencia St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 970-8815
La Victoria Mexican Bakery and Cafe
Neighborhood: Mission
2937 24th St
(between Florida St & Alabama St)
San Francisco, CA 94110

Momofraise says: Order the super nachos and order anything with carne asada! Also, anything at the bakery looked great! :D Go all out!


  1. Finding legit Mex food can be hard nowadays because most is made for the American palette. In Mexico, hardly anything contains cheese however in America most Mexican food has way to much cheese and it hides the taste of food. I don't like that. Check out my salsa. It's authentic from Guadalajara Mexico. It's a recipe handed down from my parents.


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