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My Last Day With The Girls!! :)

Today turned out a little different than I expected, but in an awesome way! I didn't go to work this morning, but stayed home and packed some more. I am practically all packed up, except for a few necessities and my stuffed animals! :D Before dinner, My sister and I put most of my boxes and random things into the trunk of the car!

Anyway, one of my closest friends and her little sister who is my sister's closest friend came over today for lunch and ended up spending the entire afternoon with us!!! :) We had so much fun and said our good-byes. We are all leaving except for my sister.

For lunch, we went to a pretty new Walnut Creek joint called The Counter. It's a burger place where you can build your burger and they have tons of options! I was dying to try it, as I've been in a burger mood lately!! :D

To start with, they brought us our order of fries. I think it's a little odd to bring the fries way before the burgers.... I enjoy eating my fries with my burger. These…

A Pizza-filled Send-Off! :)

As I mentioned in my last post, my dad threw me a good-bye dinner last night! Itwas fun and full of excellent food and conversation. :)
My dad made three pizzas with the same toppings of ham, mushrooms, cheese, and a mixture of ground beef and onions. We tried to get pepperoni, but every time we went to Safeway to get some, they were out! But the ground beef and onion mixture was delicious and a great way to use up leftover meat! There were four of us: myself, my dad, little sister, and our family friend Joe. We all ate tons of pizza!! :D
Yummmmmm!!! Here are two slices I ate drenched in fresh parmesan shavings, the best!! I can't eat that awful Kraft parmesan in the green containers. It's so fake and tasteless! Buying fresh parmesan may be more expensive, but it's so worth it! I loved all the salty pieces of ham too....soo goood..... :D
Today is my last day at home! I woke up this morning all excited and anxious for tomorrow to come! But, I have a lot to do today, so it'…

Caffe La Scala~~

My room is becoming more and more bare as I pack things up for school on Wednesday. Now that I am just about to go back, I can hardly believe it! I don't know what to expect, but I want to have fun and become closer to the special people surrounding me there! I am also super excited about being on my own again! Being in the same city as Andrew also makes me so happy and excited!!! :)

This afternoon I went and hung out with my two closest old friends for the last time. I probably won't be able to see them until Winter Break, but it's okay. We plan to keep in touch, so the goodbyes weren't dramatic or sad. They never are between us. :) So, we decided, since it was a hot day, to go chill and talk at a really cool cafe called Caffe La Scala. It's an old cafe that's been in Walnut Creek forever and it's walls are decorated with vintage French and Italian posters.

I ordered a small hazelnut gelato and water. The gelato was good, but almost tasted powdery. Perhaps t…

Miraku Miracle!

Bwahahahaha I am going on a blogging rampage! I want to get at least somewhat caught up before I go back to school! :)

Today so far has been quiet, but rather productive. I packed some more things for school this morning and went through old boxes. I've also been enjoying putting up these blog posts! I also started working on some poems for a performance next Saturday night with Euphorah so hopefully that goes well.

I did find something amusing in an old box in my closet! When I was 12, my dad organized a taco-eating contest between me and my sister! She was only 9 at the time, and did very well, but I was the winner! I don't remember how many I ate, perhaps 7 or 8! :D My dad made a little trophy to celebrate it; I am so glad I found it! The trophy says "Taco Champion 2002"! :)

For lunch, my grandma and my aunt wanted to take my dad out to lunch! So, after my dad went to church we went to Miraku, a Japanese place near where we live. The other Japanese place in Concord w…

Pizza, love, soukous, Church, and Chinese food! :)

Ahhh~~~ I had such a wonderful time with Andrew and my family the past few days. It was sort of like a "farewell to summer" party since Andrew starts school tomorrow and I go back on Wednesday. I am so happy that we were able to spend that time together! :)
Thursday was an impromptu day; I luckily was offered a ride to Stockton so on Wednesday I asked Andrew if he was free and he was! So, I spent the day with him, relaxing and having fun at his house. For lunch, I tried something so delicious I couldn't believe I hadn't ever tried it before: black bean and garlic sauce. His mother put the sauce with strips of steak and mushrooms (forgot what kind, but they were good) and I ate that with rice. I enjoyed it so much I had three helpings!!!!!! :D I hope I can have some again sometime!!
We also went to Tiger's Yogurt for some Oreo cookie flavored fro-yo before we went to the train station. It was such a hot day in Stockton and the fro-yo was creamy and refreshing! :) I…

Los Angeles Trip: Daikokuya and 21 Flavors!

Uwah~~~ I have been so busy and I'm loving it!!! :) I went to Los Angeles with my family last week on Sunday until Tuesday, and I have lots to post about! When we came back, I went to work on Wednesday, then to Stockton for a special visit to my love, and then Friday and Saturday Andrew stayed over at my place! It was a really fun and special week, and it was also my last full week of summer! I go back to school on Wednesday! Yay! Andrew starts school tomorrow, so let's wish him good luck! :)

We arrived on Sunday around lunchtime and it was pretty hot, with the sun shining brightly onto everything and you were lucky to find shade. I had made plans with my friend Jen to have lunch at the famous Ramen place Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. Our hotel is right across the street from Daikokuya, so it was very convenient! Since it was Sunday, it was set to open at noon, and when we got in line at 11:50ish, there was already a super long line of people waiting in the hot sun!!! Thus, my dad…

Medusa is Back~! :D

Yes, that is what my dad called me when I got out of bed yesterday morning. Thursday night I went to go get my hair cut (a wonderfully spur of the moment idea) and my curls were unleashed! My hair is super thick and heavy, so when it's layered and thinned out, curls come out of hiding! It feels so good and light! It's a breezy, cheerful hairstyle to go back to school with and I can't wait to show it to Andrew when we see each other next!! :D
Yay! That's me Thursday night right after the hair cut. It took a lot longer than I expected, and my sister also got a trim. It was worth it and cheered me up! Actually, I am just feeling better in general, so that's good. :)

My dad made Aloo Gobi again on Thursday for lunch, which is an Indian dish of curry, potatoes, and cauliflower. It was good, and we also had Trader Joe's frozen garlic naan bread which tastes pretty authentic and compliments the aloo gobi nicely. Then......last night, we had pizza! Yay! This time, my dad…

Avocadoes and Alphabet Pasta!!

Today I went to work and had a rather productive day! I was feeling a little blue because I am dying to go back to college, but I talked to my dad about it and he made me feel so much better! I have so many awesome things in life to be grateful for and I will be back at school soon! I can't wait to see Andrew and all my friends!!
For lunch, we had monster sandwiches!! Above is my sister's sandwich, which she enjoyed.
Above is my dad's sandwich, which he also liked. He really enjoyed the rolls we used in the sandwiches; they were pretty good and kept everything from falling apart.
Yay! Above is my monster meaty sandwich!
And, in honor of Andrew, I put some avocado slices on it to try! I'd never really eaten avocadoes before, so I was curious since Andrew likes them so much. I actually liked them! It was different, but tasty and earthy. So, next time we go to Chuck's Diner in Stockton for breakfast, I plan to order the omelette with avocadoes in it! ;)

I was excited ab…

Happy 6 Months honey!!!

Today is me and Andrew's 6 month anniversary! Sadly, he has class today so that's why he came over on the weekend to celebrate early. I hope he had a wonderful day though! He sent me an mp3 of a cover of a song that he and I have just discovered these last couple days; it is SO beautiful and I am so touched that he did that for me!!! Thank you sweetheart!! :D

My dad came back home this morning from Reno, so it was nice to have him back! He had a wonderful and relaxing time up there full of good conversation and interesting moments. My sister and I were also excited to have him back home because it meant he would cook for us! Yay!

For a little appetizer/treat, he picked up some Safeway inarizushi for me before lunch. They didn't contain too much rice in them, which was a bit disappointing. Also, the rice was plain rice, not sushi rice. These weren't terrible, but you can get better. My dad's homemade inarizushi are the best though, and Andrew would agree! :D My dad sa…

Shopping Day~~

My dad is returning home from his mini-vacation in Reno tomorrow, so today my sister and I went shopping with my grandma and had lunch downtown! :) Since I have about 2 weeks (OMG YAY!) until I go back to college, today was probably the last time we could do that this summer. It was very fun and I always enjoy spending time with my grandma. It was funny though, because we could all tell that my mind is not here any more, but in Stockton! :D I had Pacific on my mind~~ ;)

We went to H&M and I bought 4 shirts and two cute hair accessories, all for $35! Ahhh, I love finding good sales. ;D

Afterwards, we went to an Italian place that has been downtown for years!!! I've walked by it all my life and had never eaten there before, so I was curious and wanted to try it before I left. It's called Tomatina, and apparently is a chain.

To start off the meal, I ordered a vanilla mint lemonade and my sister ordered the strawberry lemonade. I enjoyed the vanilla mint; it wasn't too sweet …

6 months!!!!!!! <3

No one is home right now except for me and Scooter, who is scuttling around being curious as usual. I am sitting on my bed, typing away and thinking about how awesome my weekend was and that I love Andrew so much! I am so happy because he came over on Friday to stay over to celebrate our 6 month anniversary a little early since he has class on Tuesday. It was so fun and relaxing!! But, it went by too quickly. After we got home from dropping him off last night I walked into my room and was so sad by the fact that he wasn't there. I miss him so much! I just have to keep in mind that I will be back at college in 2 and a half weeks! I need to stay strong! Andrew has become such a part of my life now; it's hard when he is leaves to go back home because I feel like a part of me leaves too. But, I have memories of a fun, sweet weekend so I'll be fine. :)
Of course, I made him a cake! Yay! However......I completely forgot to give it to him before he left! We had just come back from…