Avocadoes and Alphabet Pasta!!

Today I went to work and had a rather productive day! I was feeling a little blue because I am dying to go back to college, but I talked to my dad about it and he made me feel so much better! I have so many awesome things in life to be grateful for and I will be back at school soon! I can't wait to see Andrew and all my friends!!
For lunch, we had monster sandwiches!! Above is my sister's sandwich, which she enjoyed.
Above is my dad's sandwich, which he also liked. He really enjoyed the rolls we used in the sandwiches; they were pretty good and kept everything from falling apart.
Yay! Above is my monster meaty sandwich!
And, in honor of Andrew, I put some avocado slices on it to try! I'd never really eaten avocadoes before, so I was curious since Andrew likes them so much. I actually liked them! It was different, but tasty and earthy. So, next time we go to Chuck's Diner in Stockton for breakfast, I plan to order the omelette with avocadoes in it! ;)

I was excited about dinner because when we went to Trader Joe's today, I made a plea for Alphabet-shaped pasta for dinner! My dad agreed, and there you have it! :D The meatballs were frozen, but still delicious. The Alphabet pasta made me smile, and I was happy when I found an "A". ;) The sauce, of course, is homemade and YUMMY! Homemade pasta sauce is the best; I don't like the sauce in the jars.
I also made a Myspace Music account for my poetry, as suggested by my lovey! Here it is: www.myspace.com/paperlanternslove
I will be posting audio tracks of me reading my poetry, so that's exciting! I was so excited when Andrew came up with the idea last night, so thank you honey!!! :D
Also, I started writing a song!!!! I can't believe I actually started working on it! It's a super simple song, but it's a start! :) I can't wait to play it for Andrew!!


  1. yay! avocado gewd. cant wait for more poetry and songs!


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