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Healthy by Omission... XD

Hey everyone!! I am alive and well, just extremely busy with school, work, and cooking! :D I live in a townhouse with my roommate Kaitlynn, and since I have a kitchen I have a lot of fun cooking!

It was Andrew's 20th birthday on Tuesday (yay!) and I made him birthday dinner! I was sooo excited! I made a huge chocolate bat cake, which was delicious! However, I forgot powdered sugar for the chocolate frosting, so I had to put cute chocolate chips and icing on it, haha~ XD I was so excited for him to see it that I forgot to take pictures! He took one on his phone, so I will have to show you guys~

Over the weekend I made Irish Soda bread, and it was really exciting to make bread for the first time. It's definitely something I want to learn more about. The bread itself is super dense, but actually rather tasty. It smells great, so I am really proud~ :)

Also, I ate so much today!!! XD Andrew took me to his favorite Chinese restaurant from his childhood, and it was soooo tasty and so…