Caffe La Scala~~

My room is becoming more and more bare as I pack things up for school on Wednesday. Now that I am just about to go back, I can hardly believe it! I don't know what to expect, but I want to have fun and become closer to the special people surrounding me there! I am also super excited about being on my own again! Being in the same city as Andrew also makes me so happy and excited!!! :)

This afternoon I went and hung out with my two closest old friends for the last time. I probably won't be able to see them until Winter Break, but it's okay. We plan to keep in touch, so the goodbyes weren't dramatic or sad. They never are between us. :) So, we decided, since it was a hot day, to go chill and talk at a really cool cafe called Caffe La Scala. It's an old cafe that's been in Walnut Creek forever and it's walls are decorated with vintage French and Italian posters.

I ordered a small hazelnut gelato and water. The gelato was good, but almost tasted powdery. Perhaps that might be because the hazelnuts might have been grounded into it......but truthfully I am not sure. I still enjoyed it though. Very refreshing and cold for a hot day!
One of my friends ordered a berry Italian soda.....forgot what kind of berry though!

My other friend ordered a lemonade with chai tea in it. It's her own invention and tastes.....interesting. :)

Otherwise I cleaned, did laundry, and packed today. My dad threw me a good-bye dinner tonight and we had a special family friend come! Another family friend wasn't able to make it which was too bad, but we still had a great time! We all ate too much pizza, and because of the food and heat, became sleepy. :D We talked of literature, art, and I read some of my poems. I shall post the pictures of the pizza tomorrow!! :)


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