Miraku Miracle!

Bwahahahaha I am going on a blogging rampage! I want to get at least somewhat caught up before I go back to school! :)

Today so far has been quiet, but rather productive. I packed some more things for school this morning and went through old boxes. I've also been enjoying putting up these blog posts! I also started working on some poems for a performance next Saturday night with Euphorah so hopefully that goes well.

I did find something amusing in an old box in my closet! When I was 12, my dad organized a taco-eating contest between me and my sister! She was only 9 at the time, and did very well, but I was the winner! I don't remember how many I ate, perhaps 7 or 8! :D My dad made a little trophy to celebrate it; I am so glad I found it! The trophy says "Taco Champion 2002"! :)

For lunch, my grandma and my aunt wanted to take my dad out to lunch! So, after my dad went to church we went to Miraku, a Japanese place near where we live. The other Japanese place in Concord we love is closed on Sundays, but Miraku is still pretty good. They recently changed their menu and it's more affordable now, with better lunch combinations.

Being the Birthday boy, my dad ordered a cold sake for himself and the waitress poured it into a square thing!
I've never seen that or heard about it, so we were all intrigued!
Here is a pic of my dad attempting to drink it. My aunt is watching next to him.

For starters, my dad ordered some sushi. The brown is unagi (eel), the white is saba (mackerel) and the rectangular yellow is the tamago (egg) sushi that my sister and I ate. It was all good! My cousins (4 of them) tried the fish sushi and didn't like them at all! :D

Everyone ordered a lunch combo, and this one below was mine. I ordered tonkatsu and tempura. We also all received a very good miso soup beforehand.
The rice came in little packed rolls, which was certainly different, but still very good rice. The salad was garlicy and tasty! The tonkatsu was smaller than I thought it would be, but good quality pork and it wasn't greasy or heavy. The tempura was a little disappointing; it was two shrimps with a small carrot and onion piece. They were fried well, but I wanted more! :D I was proud of myself because even though I profess to disliking seafood, I still ate the tempura shrimp and one of my sister's shrimp too! ;)

My sister ordered tempura with gyoza, and I thought the gyoza was pretty good! They tasted fresh and were bursting with the filling. Very juciy and not too oily either.

We were all pleasantly surprised by how yummy Miraku turned out to be (even if I wasn't totally satisfied) and my dad enjoyed his lunch. :) Even my cousins behaved themselves!
After lunch, we dropped my dad off at home while my sister and I went to Target with my grandma. Today was the big day; I got stuff I needed for school, such as shampoo, face wash, soap, etc!!! I even got some summer pajamas with OWLS on them!!!!! YAY!!! :D
It was funny because Target was PACKED. I was really surprised, since it was Sunday, and you usually expect Sundays to be relaxing and not a total shopping day. But, everyone was at Target, and most people were buying stuff for college kids. It was really amusing to see the freshmen freaking out and discussing what they needed with their parents. I just zipped through my shopping, since I already knew what I needed. I am really glad we went today though. It makes things easier this week, and I am so grateful and thankful to my grandma for doing that for me!!


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