Medusa is Back~! :D

Yes, that is what my dad called me when I got out of bed yesterday morning. Thursday night I went to go get my hair cut (a wonderfully spur of the moment idea) and my curls were unleashed! My hair is super thick and heavy, so when it's layered and thinned out, curls come out of hiding! It feels so good and light! It's a breezy, cheerful hairstyle to go back to school with and I can't wait to show it to Andrew when we see each other next!! :D
Yay! That's me Thursday night right after the hair cut. It took a lot longer than I expected, and my sister also got a trim. It was worth it and cheered me up! Actually, I am just feeling better in general, so that's good. :)

My dad made Aloo Gobi again on Thursday for lunch, which is an Indian dish of curry, potatoes, and cauliflower. It was good, and we also had Trader Joe's frozen garlic naan bread which tastes pretty authentic and compliments the aloo gobi nicely.
Then......last night, we had pizza! Yay! This time, my dad made less dough and flattened them out. It was delicious and not as filling or bready as his other pizzas. I really like how he makes them this way now. We all enjoyed it, and it's also healthier. :D

The above pizza was my dads and it had red onion, small tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and basil on it.
Here is mine, with the ever-present egg! :D Except, this time, my dad fried the egg beforehand to make sure it cooked, so when he put it on the pizza the yolk broke and spilled everywhere. Makes for an interesting pizza, wouldn't you say? :D It was very yummy and fresh; it had everything my dad had except for the tomatoes, with the addition of mushrooms (YUM) and the egg! I loved the thin crust too!
Sorry for the blurry picture, but this was my sister's pizza. It had the same toppings as my dads, with maybe the addition of mushrooms, but I'm not sure. She enjoyed it too. We all scarfed our pizzas down!

Well, tomorrow morning at 5 am we are going on our first family vacation in a long time to Los Angeles! It doesn't seem real actually, but I am very grateful! I even get to see one of my best friends from college, Jen!!!!!! When we come back, I am going to have SO MUCH to write about on this blog!! I plan to take tons of pictures and videos since I have my own camera! We will be back Wednesday afternoon, so we aren't going for too long, but just enough time I think. I leave for school in a week and a half!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Also, more awesome news is that Andrew is planning to spend next Friday and Saturday here with me for my dad's birthday!! I am so excited!!! It will be a sort of farewell to summer, and I think it's good for him to have a mini-vacation at my place before his semester starts! :) I am going to make sure he has a wonderful time! ;D
So, have a great week and weekend everyone! I will be back on Wednesday!


  1. i always get hungry when i read ur posts... :) love u babe! <3


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