Shopping Day~~

My dad is returning home from his mini-vacation in Reno tomorrow, so today my sister and I went shopping with my grandma and had lunch downtown! :) Since I have about 2 weeks (OMG YAY!) until I go back to college, today was probably the last time we could do that this summer. It was very fun and I always enjoy spending time with my grandma. It was funny though, because we could all tell that my mind is not here any more, but in Stockton! :D I had Pacific on my mind~~ ;)

We went to H&M and I bought 4 shirts and two cute hair accessories, all for $35! Ahhh, I love finding good sales. ;D

Afterwards, we went to an Italian place that has been downtown for years!!! I've walked by it all my life and had never eaten there before, so I was curious and wanted to try it before I left. It's called Tomatina, and apparently is a chain.

To start off the meal, I ordered a vanilla mint lemonade and my sister ordered the strawberry lemonade. I enjoyed the vanilla mint; it wasn't too sweet and the mint tastes so good with lemonade! Yum! I tried the strawberry lemonade and it was heavily sweetened and almost acidic tasting. Fiona enjoyed it though, so good for her.
I wanted to be healthy, so I ordered a small Mixed Greens salad. A red wine vinagrette was drizzled on top and I thought it was pretty good. I didn't eat the tomatoes, but I polished off the greens. Yay for being healthy! :D
My sister ordered the lunch special of a half-order of pasta and a side. She got a side of caesar salad, which was way too small in all of our opinions. The pasta was pretty good; she said it was very garlicky and tasty. I like how they put big basil leaves in there. Basil is awesome!

Yes.....there you have it.......I was a hoe and ordered a personal pizza margherita all for myself. Fiona did have a slice, but otherwise it was all mine, bwahahahahaha. I thought it was pretty good, though light on the toppings. The basil, though, was so plentiful! It had a little bite to it and was so fresh, yummmmm I have discovered the joys of basil this summer! I want to buy some little pots of cilantro, mint, and basil for my dorm room. Hopefully I can find some small and cheap before I go back! :)
The crust was not overly bready and heavy, which is such a nice change from other pizza places that just give you sooo much bread, which fills you up too much and isn't healthy. I wish the cheese was more plentiful and gooey though........all in all, a good lunch! My grandma ordered a pizza slice and salad combo and she enjoyed it a lot too, so that made me happy. She had a really fun day with us, and even though she had to walk around a bit, she said it was healthy for her. I am going to miss her when I go back to school.
My sister and I were actually too full to order dessert, if you can believe it! They offered gelato, but I didn't feel like it. I mean, it was a pretty heavy lunch and the lemonade was sweet enough. So, afterwards we went to go buy my dad some birthday presents and I went to go pick something else up at Victoria's Secret.
Then, I came home, found out on Facebook that two of my friends got married this summer and are expecting a child! Yay! Congratulations Aaron and Amanda! I am so excited for them!!! :D
Then, I cleaned the kitchen, wrote a letter to one of my friends who lives in Arizona, tuned my guitar, and listened to Andrew's cover cd again. I love it!!!!!! I am just dying to go to the old house again for one of his family's parties!!! I just need to be patient, haha. ;) Also, this weekend we are going to LA for a family vacation, the first in a long while! I am going to meet up with my friend Jen!!!!!! So, look forward to LOTS of posts about LA; I've been researching restaurants!


  1. H&M is the best dude. And yay for this weekend foo!

  2. wow, u were a hoe. that pizza could feed a rural village in the olim provice of mainland china! haha, jk, glad to see u having a gewd time!

    dad would prolly want a stratocaster though... there are cheapo ones from $60-$80 on eBay for a BuyItNow thingy, and they look/seem legit and sold by reliable sellers.

    a stratocaster is a guitar with 3 single coil pickups and a 5 way selector switch. the sound is bright and perfect for your dad's lead guitar antics.

    just a thought, love u babe and have fun... happy 6 months!


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