6 months!!!!!!! <3

No one is home right now except for me and Scooter, who is scuttling around being curious as usual. I am sitting on my bed, typing away and thinking about how awesome my weekend was and that I love Andrew so much! I am so happy because he came over on Friday to stay over to celebrate our 6 month anniversary a little early since he has class on Tuesday. It was so fun and relaxing!! But, it went by too quickly. After we got home from dropping him off last night I walked into my room and was so sad by the fact that he wasn't there. I miss him so much! I just have to keep in mind that I will be back at college in 2 and a half weeks! I need to stay strong! Andrew has become such a part of my life now; it's hard when he is leaves to go back home because I feel like a part of me leaves too. But, I have memories of a fun, sweet weekend so I'll be fine. :)
Of course, I made him a cake! Yay! However......I completely forgot to give it to him before he left! We had just come back from a walk and I was a little tired, hot, and sad because i knew he had to go soon. It's really good too; it's a white cake with homemade chocolate icing, M&Ms, sprinkles, and love. :) I will try to make him another one soon though! Poor love~~ I'm sorry!
Here he is, looking all buff and cute, trying to run away with the cake! Yeah, we had lots of fun! :D
For Friday's dinner, my dad made homemade Falafel, which he hadn't made in a long time! I was so happy to eat them again, and I was so happy that Andrew got to try them too! He ended up loving them, which made me so glad! Falafel are fried balls of ground up chickpeas and spcies. Yum!
Hehehehehehhe, I am so unhealthy. I don't like Israeli salad, so I just put falafel balls, yogurt dill sauce, and french fries in the pita bread. So good! The yogurt dill sauce added a refreshing kick and provided a nice contrast with the warm fried savouriness of the fries and falafel balls.
Here is my dad's monster falafel! :D
Well, my sister should be back home around 5 pm......and then my dad won't be home until Tuesday.....*sigh*.....I miss Andrew!!!! He gave me another adorable stuffed monkey to add to my collection (pictures coming soon), a lovely illustrated page of lyrics to his newest song dedicated to me, and an absolutely stunning cover cd he recorded for me! I had asked him to record some of my favorite songs that he sings for me when he had the time, and he did it! I was listening to the cd earlier and I am so in love with it. The quality of the sound is superb, and his voice sounds great!!! I will always treasure this cd; it's simply one of the best I have. He is so talented; both me and my dad believe he will go far with his music if he keeps working hard, which I know he will. ;)
Otherwise, I am trying not to be too lonely so I want to keep occupied. I'm working on getting all the info for shipping stuff I sold on Ebay together, and I want to practice guitar some more later. It was fun because last night, my dad taught me how to play another song on the guitar, so I thought that was sweet of him. He made me feel better because I was missing Andrew. :)
Oh! One of the highlights of this weekend for me was playing guitar with Andrew Friday night and yesterday morning! We just jammed and sang; he even taught me a couple new songs! :D I was so happy because we even played New Order's "Ceremony" together, with me doing the bass line with my guitar and him doing the lead guitar parts! It was amazing! I had always wanted to play guitar with someone like that, and to be able to do it with him was a dream come true! Also, I love that song and it reminds me of him, so it was a very special moment to me. :)
I can't wait to be with my love again!!! Thank you for everything honey~~~!


  1. french fries in the pita sound so good.

  2. hey hun i had a great time too! (duh) hmmm, do i have anything random and witty to say? yes, i do. The song "Ceremony" should be credited to Joy Division/New Order, because Ian Curtis wrote the lyrics and melody to it. Ian passed away, then Sumner (the lead guitarist) took the voal part and changed the band to New Order. :) love you! <3


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