Happy 6 Months honey!!!

Today is me and Andrew's 6 month anniversary! Sadly, he has class today so that's why he came over on the weekend to celebrate early. I hope he had a wonderful day though! He sent me an mp3 of a cover of a song that he and I have just discovered these last couple days; it is SO beautiful and I am so touched that he did that for me!!! Thank you sweetheart!! :D

My dad came back home this morning from Reno, so it was nice to have him back! He had a wonderful and relaxing time up there full of good conversation and interesting moments. My sister and I were also excited to have him back home because it meant he would cook for us! Yay!

For a little appetizer/treat, he picked up some Safeway inarizushi for me before lunch. They didn't contain too much rice in them, which was a bit disappointing. Also, the rice was plain rice, not sushi rice. These weren't terrible, but you can get better. My dad's homemade inarizushi are the best though, and Andrew would agree! :D My dad said he would make some inarizushi for me to take back to school, so I (and Andrew lol) are looking forward to that!
For lunch, he made us hamburgers (or what we call "Daddy-burgers") and they were tasty and filling! That is mydad's burger in the picture above--it's a tower of yumminess! He had trouble eating it, but declared that it was delicious. :)

This was my burger, with a thick patty of meat, cheese, red onion, and lettuce. Everything tasted good and complimented each other. Sometimes an awesome, homemade burger just hits the spot. :)

For dinner, my dad made us fish and chips! He used cod fish (I felt like someone from Peter Pan :D) and beer batter. The chips were, of course, french fries. Then, for a veggie, he made green beans. As I'm sure I have mentioned before, I do not care for much for fish, but this wasn't too bad. It was kind of heavy because it was fried in beer batter, but it didn't taste too fishy.
Today I didn't do too much, but I was able to go through my clothes and sort the ones I want to take back to school with me. I listened to the cover CD Andrew made for me while doing it, so that was lots of fun! xD Now, I have a whole bunch of black garbage bags of clothes ready to go on my bedroom floor. I can't wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 6 months honey! I can't wait to grow as people and as a couple with you!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. i love you babe, and i cant wait for the inarizushi! haha <3


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