Los Angeles Trip: Daikokuya and 21 Flavors!

Uwah~~~ I have been so busy and I'm loving it!!! :) I went to Los Angeles with my family last week on Sunday until Tuesday, and I have lots to post about! When we came back, I went to work on Wednesday, then to Stockton for a special visit to my love, and then Friday and Saturday Andrew stayed over at my place! It was a really fun and special week, and it was also my last full week of summer! I go back to school on Wednesday! Yay! Andrew starts school tomorrow, so let's wish him good luck! :)

We arrived on Sunday around lunchtime and it was pretty hot, with the sun shining brightly onto everything and you were lucky to find shade. I had made plans with my friend Jen to have lunch at the famous Ramen place Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. Our hotel is right across the street from Daikokuya, so it was very convenient! Since it was Sunday, it was set to open at noon, and when we got in line at 11:50ish, there was already a super long line of people waiting in the hot sun!!! Thus, my dad and sister became impatient and went to eat Korean food while Jen and I persevered and waited to get inside. I was so happy to see her again!!! It was so fun!!! :D

We finally made it in and sat at the end of the counter near the kitchen and bathroom....not the nicest place to sit, but we were both starving so as long as we got our food it didn't really matter where we sat.

I must say that the service is very efficient, quick, and Japanese. They gave us a little salad smothered in a heavenly garlicy, creamy dressing. I couldn't believe how good and rich it was. I would love to know what was in it!

Jen and I had decided to be food hoes that day so we ordered an appetizer of gyoza. I like how they came to us covered with tons of green onions! We were also given a little pitcher of gyoza sauce to go along with it. I liked the gyoza, but they were so tiny! They didn't have much filling in them, so that was a little disappointing. Nonethless, we ate them all happily!
Now, Daikokuya is famous for their Ramen noodle soup. I am not sure why; it probably has to do with the fact that they make the broth themselves from a secret recipe and that they have a special method of making pork. Again, I loved all the green onion! :)
The Ramen was very good and rich; the broth wasn't super tasty, but it was smooth. The pork was thin and a bit fatty, but went well with everything else. There were lots of chewy noodles and an egg! :) I did enjoy this Ramen and would love to go back and have it again!

Jen and I ordered combinations, so she got fried rice with her Ramen while I got oyako don. Funny thing is that we were both so stuffed that we could barely finish our side bowls. :) She ended up saving her fried rice and taking it home!

After lunch, we did a little shopping in Little Tokyo; I bought a pair of very cute orange Vans for school! Yay!
Then, we took the Metrorail to Old Pasadena, which was very exciting! I love discovering public transportation in other cities!!! :D It was very hot down there and she wanted to bring me to a well-known frozen yogurt place called 21 Flavors where all the yogurt is homemade. They had tons of toppings, which was awesome! I ended up getting Oreo, Chocolate, and Vanilla flavored fro-yo with almonds and gummy bears, my favorite! It was delicious, bu very rich and sweet so I couldn't finish it!

After shopping in Pasadena we went back to her house and relaxed. :) I had a really fun day with her and ate tons of good food! :D I am also so happy that I finally got to try Daikokuya!


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