My Last Day With The Girls!! :)

Today turned out a little different than I expected, but in an awesome way! I didn't go to work this morning, but stayed home and packed some more. I am practically all packed up, except for a few necessities and my stuffed animals! :D Before dinner, My sister and I put most of my boxes and random things into the trunk of the car!

Anyway, one of my closest friends and her little sister who is my sister's closest friend came over today for lunch and ended up spending the entire afternoon with us!!! :) We had so much fun and said our good-byes. We are all leaving except for my sister.

For lunch, we went to a pretty new Walnut Creek joint called The Counter. It's a burger place where you can build your burger and they have tons of options! I was dying to try it, as I've been in a burger mood lately!! :D

To start with, they brought us our order of fries. I think it's a little odd to bring the fries way before the burgers.... I enjoy eating my fries with my burger. These were fresh and piping hot, sprinkled with some seasoning. Not too greasy either! We ate them all up quickly!

Finally, our burgers arrived! The above was mine, with a fried egg, red onion, cheddar cheese, scallions, lettuce, spinach, and garlic aioli on the side. I also got it with a honey wheat bun, which went well with it.The burger was tasty and juicy!
Malina got hers with a pineapple slice on top, which she loved!
The above was my sister's burger; it looks like she got grilled onions and avocado on hers with mayonnaise! She enjoyed it too, but said it was too big and hard to eat, haha.

Mumbi (Malina's sister and Fiona's friend) got a plain cheeseburger, haha! She liked it, but became super full!
Since I am an insatiable foodie, I wanted to traipse over to Gelateria Naia for some gelato because there aren't really any places to get gelato in Stockton! They thought I was crazy since we had a big lunch, but went with me anyway and ordered some!

I splurged and ordered a waffle cone with hazelnut and nutella gelato! So delicious and fresh-tasting! It was also very hot today and this hit the spot!!

Well, I had a wonderful last day at home with my family and friends! I am ready to go back to school and Stockton! I can't wait to spend time with Andrew and my friends!! I guess this is my last post made from home, so there won't be any pictures of my dad's cooking for a while now, haha. :D I want to post pictures of food by Andrew's family and Stockton restaurants so that will be interesting! :)
Stockton, get ready because here I come!!!!!!!




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