Valentine's Day 2010!

(Yay, those are the cute stuffed loves that he gave me, along with a sweet and awesomely ilustrated card! Thanks love!)

Last Sunday was my second Valentine's Day with Andrew, and it was fun to celebrate a holiday a second time together~ :D Our day was rather unconventional, which works for us! ;)

It started off with us working at a children's birthday party! Andrew is the guitar teacher for a sweet 9 year-old and I get to tag along at the lessons because the family likes me lol. The party was celebrating both the son and daughter's birthdays. Andrew was in charge of the boys and I handled the girls. The girls were ages 3-7 and let me tell you it was tough work. I was exhausted by the end of the day. Some of the girls' parents were there and not all were nice to me. I just shrugged off their rudeness and tried to be the best babysitter I could be. I think I did a great job, as no girls had any problems. :) Some of them even really liked me, which was cute and fun for me~

We both had to think of craft ideas for the kids, so Andrew wanted to make masks with the boys. The maks above was his example and I think it's so funny! :D (Sadly, none of the boys wanted to make masks, poor love!)

By the end of the day we were worn out and ready to just be together. We left around 6:30 and made our way to one of the best restaurants in Stockton for our Valentine's Day Dinner!

Tepa Taqueria is a clean, fresh, and delicious Mexican place not too far from my campus. Andrew has been going there since he was a child with his family we recently went to try it. I absolutely fell in love with the food and the cheap prices! :D It's wonderful! Definitely one of our favorite places here! They give these wonderfully thin and crisp chips and they have a salsa bar where you can choose your salsa. The mild is not too strong, but I love how it's not spicy.

I ordered one of my new favorite things, the carnitas super nachos!!! Super nachos are a revelation to me; I can't get enough! I also LOVE carnitas pork; my dad makes it very well. On this enormous plate are the crisp chips, savory guacamole, salsa, sour cream, plentiful carnitas chunks, and melted cheese. SO GOOD! :D I polished of this entire plate of deliciousness and it was very satisfying! Best part is, this is only $6.50!

Since on other food blogs I keep reading about tacos al pastor (bbq pork) I wanted to try one. Sadly, I didn't like the spiciness of the sauce on top and I think the pork is not real pastor. However, it was cheap and Andrew was a love and ate it for me haha. :) He said it was kind of sweet and spicy at the same time.

Andrew wanted to get the super nachos too, and he ordered carne asada meat with it. He really enjoyed it because the meat was the same that they put in the burritos! He polished his plate off as well, since we were both famished from chasing kids around all day lol. We really enjoyed this meal together and it was the perfect Valentine's dinner! :D Thank you my love!

There's us lovebirds at the restaurant! :D It's a very clean and happy place, with yellow walls and lots of comfortable seating. Andrew actually shaved off all his hair, so it's quite a change, but a handsome one! ;) I've been noticing that my hair has been growing, so that's cool! :)

I love you Andrew! Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's Day and everything else! You are the best! :D

Tepa Taqueria

1205 W March Ln

Stockton, CA 95207

(209) 476-8802

Momofraise says: Absolutely amazing, satisfying, and fresh Mexican food in a clean setting! A really fun and delicious place! Check it out! :)


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