Pacific Pizza Unveiled!

I have consumed so much pizza these past few weeks! First I had some pizza with Andrew's family one Saturday night, then I went to Pacific Pizza twice last week! Pacific Pizza is such an awesome place because it about 3 minutes away by walking and they give UOP students a 15% off discount! :D My friends and I love it! Their pizza is pretty good too, and they offer quite a few different toppings. My favorite is mushroom and canadian bacon! Yum!
Last night the cafeteria was closed, and since my friends and I had just come back from San Francisco we didn't want to eat school food anyway. So, we went over to Pacific Pizza! I ordered the above pizza with mushrooms and Canadian bacon, and took two slices back to my room! I ate them today and they were good!
I also went last Thursday night for fun and ordered a mushroom and red onion pizza. It was still good, but I like it with Canadian bacpn better. :)
Here is the upskirt shot! So clean....I wish they had let it cook longer.

This was my friend Jazmin's pepperoni pizza, the kind she always gets. Its pretty greasy, but she still loves it.

And here is Jen's bacon and mushroom pizza, her new favorite! She's been raving about bacon and mushroom pizza ever since!! :D

I am pretty sure that there will be more Pacific Pizza posts in the future since my friends never seem to tire of this place! I actually don't think Andrew has really eaten here yet, so I want to come here with him sometime for pizza!! :D Yay for pizza!!!


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