My First Banh Mi! :D

Hello all! Yes, I know it has been quite some time since I last posted something and I feel bad about it. I just got really busy for a while, you know how tough the life of a college student can be! ;)

I have TONS of pictures to post up for various entries, so those will be coming up in the future! Also, for a while I was scared my camera was broken but then my friend helped me figure out what was wrong this morning, thus I was able to get the pictures from it! Yay! :D

So, last Wednesday, I was invited to go to a Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) place near campus by a new friend, who is Vietnamese. I was so excited and happy that she invited me! She is really nice and we get along very well. I love making new friends! :D

I ordered the #6 with the egg roll combo. The #6 sandwich had grilled pork in it, along with pickled carrots and a white veggie thing, cilantro, a thick slice or two of crunchy cucumber, and I think of mayonnaise. I enjoyed it, but wished there was more pork in it. However, the bread was not good at all, and banh mi are supposed to be made with good bread. This bread was stale and flakey. Oh well, I still enjoyed this sandwich! It was simple but interesting. I can't wait to try more! I want to take Andrew to this place since it was so cheap, haha. :D My boo loves cheap places.

I got two thick egg rolls which weren't freshly made, but they were good! They were bursting with pork and veggies, and weren't greasy or oily which was a huge plus!

Yay, the insides! :) See, doesn't it need more?

My friend bought two slices of Vietnamese honeycomb cake for a dollar each! I love the cheapness, lol! She shared one of them with me, and it was good! The texture was really different, kind of like mochi or jello.....and it was sweet, but not overpoweringly so. Maybe a touch of coconut milk too. I enjoyed this!
The sandwiches are $2.50 each, which is awesome. The combos are a good deal, ranging from $4.75-$5.45 each. Also, I got a drink with mine, some sort of canned soy milk that I am still afraid to try, haha. I will though! This place also has a HUGE pearl drink menu! The man who helped us seemed like the owner and was very nice and friendly. The outside of the restaurant may look sketchy but inside it is quite cute and clean. Most people get takeout though. They also offer many soups, such as wonton and bun bo hue, as well as fried rice and such.
Saigon Sandwiches & Restaurant
1412 Rosemarie Lane Suite D
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 951-3656
Momofraise says: The bread was bad, but for the price and novelty, try this place out! :) I am glad I went!


  1. me wants to gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! lucky poo!!!!!! :P luv u!


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