Happy 7 Months love!!!!!

Last Friday was me and Andrew's 7 Months Anniversary!!!! Yay!!!! :D Our first one since I've been back to school!! It was a lovely Friday and I dressed up all cute for him, since I was so excited!!

He had been dying to try Indian food for a while, and we found a place in Stockton that had great reviews, so he wanted to go there for our anniversary! It was on my list of places to try! :)

We went to Tandoori Nites and ate at their lunch buffet for $7.95 a person, which isn't too bad. Andrew was very excited about eating at a buffet! ;)

The above was my first plate. From the top clockwise: aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower), chicken tikka masala, tandoor chicken, and vegetable pakora. Of course, that is saffron rice in the middle. Andrew served me the rice. :)

The aloo gobi was tasty, but way too spicy so I ended up giving my share to poor Andrew, who was becoming overwhelmed! The chicken tikka masala was tasty and very mild; I really enjoyed it! It tasted so rich mixed with the rice too! the tandoori chicken was pretty bland and dry, Andrew thought the same thing. The dishes with the sauces are better. The vegetable pakora were tasty, but unlike other veggie pakora I've had. I think they were like sweet potato fries in the pakora batter, and Andrew really loved them! :D
I also ordered a mango lassi, which is a sweet yogurt drink with mango juice. So tasty and refreshing without being heavy! I loved it~! We also received free refills of thick, tasty pieces of naan (bread)! Yum!

Here was Andrew's second plate, where he tasted some of the other dishes offered. Clockwise from top: A fresh green salad, veggie pakora, naan, a lentil dish, a cheese and pea dish, and more rice. We both loved the rich, creamy, tasty cheese and peas dish!! :D That was a winner for sure!

I got a second plate of salad, chicken tikka masala, rice, and veggie pakora. I didn't want to eat too much!

Andrew ended up getting some more, and I got some more salad too. It was such a fun lunch! I enjoyed eating there with Andrew! It's so much fun eating out with him and trying new places! Right when we sat down we gave each other our little presents for each other, which was so cute and sweet! It was a very special and fun day~! :D Thank you honey! I love you!!

On a side note, the night before that we went back to the Java Roma open mic night, and Andrew took a picture of me in action, reading poetry! :D Looks cool, doesn't it? I love that place; their smoothies and chocolate croissants are to die for!

I can't wait to try more places with Andrew!! I love being with him, and can't wait to experience more with him!!!


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