Goodies and Nature! :)

We were hit with thunder and rain yesterday morning, and now the sky today has still been grey and murky! It's amazing how it was so hot during the week and all of a sudden this weekend the weather took a rather dramatic turn! :)

Otherwise, things are going well here. :) Just getting back into the swing of things; I find myself pretty busy during the week and then on the weekend I get pretty tired. I love it being here though, so it's all fine by me! Things are getting better! :D

Today has been all right, just another slow Sunday. I find myself getting a bit nostalgic and lonely on Sunday nights, but I am trying to keep busy. While I was struggling with my Micro Economics online homework earlier, I decided to take a little break and check out Andrew's blog. I was so excited and happy to see that he posted a food entry! :D Of course, I got all teary because I was so touched and happy. That really made my day! Here is the link: Poor love is studying for an intense MicroBio exam on Wedesday so let's wish him luck!!! :)

What do you all think of my new turtle friend? Isn't he cute? :D I saw him swimming in the river under the bridge connecting the campus, and became so excited! It made me remember seeing all my turtle friends poking their little heads out in the lake by the trail at home. I felt as though everything will be okay; it was very comforting. Perhaps I am the turtle whisperer! ;)

Ooooh, this was a pork bun I had at Andrew's house last Monday and it was good! It comes from a Chinese restaurant called China Palace that Andrew has been going to with his family all his life! I really want to go try it! The bun itself was tasty and a little sweet, and I could tell that it was a very good quality pork bun. This was a little snack I had on Labor Day with him; we spent a fun and relaxing day together!

Of course, since only a few days before that we had gone to Tandoori Nites for the first time, we were both going curry crazy! Thus, we decided to go again this last Friday, and we did! Luckily, we didn't eat as much this time and satisfied our craving! It was such a fun Friday!! :D

Samosas are one of my favorite Indian dishes; they are little packets of flakey, crispy dough with potatoes, peas, and spices in them. We ordered the ones at Tandoori Nites because I was dying to try them, but I was a bit disappointed. The spices used were too bitter and strong......perhaps they make them differently than the Indian restaurants in the Bay Area. I was still happy we tried them though! Andrew really enjoyed the flakey outside. :)
Here is a shot of the inside with the bitter spices.
Here is Andrew's first plate, isn't it lovely? :D I praised him for making such an appetizing plate! Picture perfect!!

Here is my first plate-notice the salad, hahaha! It was delicious yet again! So rich and heavy though! We can't eat this all the time! It was interesting because I noticed that they put pieces of Tandoori chicken in the chicken tikka masala, which was so tasty and a great mix! We had a fun and delicious lunch! Then that night we had a dance party in my room since the dances on campus were all lame! :D SO FUN! We need to do that again soon! ;)

On our way back to UOP that night, The sky looked so lovely and amazing! It was on fire, and my blurry camera shots do it no justice. It was perfect, like rippling flames cascading across the sky. Stockton nights are indeed beautiful and special, especially when you share them with someone you love! :)


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