I'm back, baby!! :D

Hello again!! I am so sorry that I have been on lax about posting lately; I have been really busy since I came back to school! Ever since last week, I have been feeling like I am settling back in here and it feels good. I have been feeling better in general, and I have been spending lots of times with my friends, and Andrew of course! ;) We all have new schedules, which makes things interesting, so we are trying to deal with that. I think I need to be aware that change will always happen and I have to be strong enough to deal with it!

Two Fridays ago, Andrew surprised me and took me to lunch at our favorite Vietnamese place, Le Kims! It was so sweet of him, and a very delicious lunch! I didn't feel like slurping down pho, so I ordered a vermicelli rice bowl because I was curious about all the other items on their huge menu. I ordered the barbecue chicken and imperial roll bowl! SO GOOD! I found it to be such a refreshing meal! There was a salad underneath the rice noodles, and the chicken was tasty with a sauce that wasn't too overwhelming. The imperial roll seemed very homemade, and was good and fresh. I love the home-style food of this place and I want to go back to try more of their menu items! It really has become me and Andrew's special place. :)

The night before we went to Le Kims, Andrew and I performed at Java Roma cafe down on the Miracle Mile at their open mic night! Turns out that we were both very nervous! I still think Andrew did a great job that night though, no matter what he says! I just read some poetry, but I was nervous and shy about it haha. We performed last Thursday too, and we both felt much better about it! Andrew has quickly become a staff favorite there, and I am sooooo proud of him and lucky!!!!! :D

The day after I arrived in Stockton, Andrew and I went to brunch at Chuck's Diner, one of our favorite places where the portions are ridiculously large! We usually ordered breakfast last year, so this time we wanted to order a hamburger to see how good it was.

This was my half of the half-pound burger and it was tasty and fresh! Not greasy, but juciy and meaty! I was loving this burger for sure! Andrew was loving his half as well! :D I am a little disappointed in the lettuce they use, since leaves of lettuce are better for burgers, but it didn't deter from the delicousness of the burger.

We also ordered the full garden omelette to split with kitchen fries and a piece of french toast for me. Oh my goodness, this was so rich and delicious! The omelette is stuffed with cheese, green sprouts, mushrooms, and avocadoes. The avocadoes melted in my mouth, they were sooooo good! I loved this omelette and felt somewhat healthy eating it, haha! It's Andrew's favorite meal there since it has avocadoes, and now I love it too! My love has good taste! ;)
There was my little slice of french toast. I didn't want the pancake because the one they give you is HUGE, larger than a large plate. It's crazy.

Chuck's Diner is well-loved in Stockton and is always busy. Service is good and down to earth, and the food comes pretty quick. They have a pretty big menu with lots of good things on it, so I can't wait to go back!


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