Sunday, October 10, 2010

Healthy by Omission... XD

Hey everyone!! I am alive and well, just extremely busy with school, work, and cooking! :D I live in a townhouse with my roommate Kaitlynn, and since I have a kitchen I have a lot of fun cooking!

It was Andrew's 20th birthday on Tuesday (yay!) and I made him birthday dinner! I was sooo excited! I made a huge chocolate bat cake, which was delicious! However, I forgot powdered sugar for the chocolate frosting, so I had to put cute chocolate chips and icing on it, haha~ XD I was so excited for him to see it that I forgot to take pictures! He took one on his phone, so I will have to show you guys~

Over the weekend I made Irish Soda bread, and it was really exciting to make bread for the first time. It's definitely something I want to learn more about. The bread itself is super dense, but actually rather tasty. It smells great, so I am really proud~ :)

Also, I ate so much today!!! XD Andrew took me to his favorite Chinese restaurant from his childhood, and it was soooo tasty and so cheap! The atmosphere and the food was so comforting, but we ate so much and still had a lot of leftovers! I was thinking about how I haven't been eating super healthy lately, but then I realized that I am healthier than some of the people at my college by omission, right?? I was watching Drop Dead Diva, my FAVORITE show, and there was a term called lying by omission. So, since there are a lot of unhealthy foods I avoid, that might make me healthier by omission!!!! XD Yes, that's what I tell myself lol. XD

Anyway, lots of fun posts coming up! Things are way different this year since I have my own townhouse with a kitchen, but that's okay! Change is good, change is good.... XD