Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello everyone!

Please forgive me for not posting much this week, I have just been so busy with preparing for Japan! I am leaving this morning for the airport and I am so excited!!! :D (I miss Andrew a lot though! Be safe and have fun in Stockton my love!)

I will be updating a new blog for this trip here: http://japanhello.blogspot.com/

Please check it out and follow it if you are curious about my Japan adventures! I will be back in the US on July 2!

Thank you all!!!! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More ceramics!

I just mentioned in the new post that my new ceramics pieces looked great, so I wanted to share some pics!
Here they are after coming out of the hot kiln. There are a lot, and 4 pieces aren't even pictured! So, I will have a lot of ceramic pieces to take back home haha. :D I am giving some to my friends and Andrew though; I hope they like them! :) Then, my family back home can take some too, except there are a few I want to keep. ;) You see that crazy crackly black mug up? That's Andrew's special mug! The glaze came out way different than I expected, but he loves it so I am so glad! In ceramics, sometimes you never know what you are going to get!

I am especially proud of this cup. The glaze came out interesting and beautiful; inside, there is a lovely swirl pattern~ :D


HAPPY 100TH POST! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! :D I am so excited that this is my 100th post here! Wow! To celebrate, I made a Facebook page lol! XD Enjoy this post, which features one of my favorite things in the world: Andrew's family's parties!!

Hey everyone! It's been a CRAZY week, let me tell ya. There was a bomb threat at my college last Sunday, which really threw everyone off. Nothing happened, but it was annoying, inconvenient, and scary. I have been working on projects and essays, and trying to study for my art history final which is taking place tomorrow because my professor couldn't change it. I have been pretty stressed out and anxious lately because I have a lot to do and I have conflicted feelings about summer; I want the semester to end, but I don't want to leave Andrew, Stockton, or my friends. It's tough and upsetting. :( I am working hard and trying to be the best person I can be! There is some good news: I got a story published in the campus literary magazine and my ceramics pieces look amazing! I am also very proud of Andrew, who has been performing gigs with his new band Loki Rhythm! Woo-hoo! :D Go love! It's been busy in my world, but we are getting through it and staying positive. :)

Anyway, let's go back a couple weeks to a super fun family party at Andrew's house! Yay! I met a lot of family members from the Phillipines and we all had fun!
That's me in his room; we ate up there since the downstairs was so crowded. (Isn't the koala bear lamp sooo adorable? They've had it for years! XD)

These pictures were taken with my new Nikon D3000. As much I love Andrew's room, the lighting is never very good for pictures, especially on greyish days like that one.

My (first) plate of food! :D Spaghetti, quiche, fried chicken, stir-fried veggies, Pork sisig, rice, and some lumpia! Hehe, I hope I am not forgetting anything lol! It was all very good and enjoyable!

Andrew's plate, which was healthier than mine! ;) Pretty much the same, except no rice or fried chicken. I am so glad he has been enjoying quiche now!

Not all the food was homemade, but it was all good nonetheless! Later, there was some ham and Longganisa, which is Filipino sausage. I am so glad I was able to try some, it was delicious! Lighter than most sausages, but still fatty and tasty!
Andrew and his family are always so kind to have me over and feed me such interesting and hearty food! :D I can't wait for my kitchen next year so I can make food for the family parties too~!
By the way, our 15 month anniversary is this Tuesday, which is very exciting! I am so proud of him and us! :D
Oh, and if you look to your left, I made a Facebook page for my blogs! I wanted to make sure people can keep up with me when I am in Japan, so I thought that might be a fun way to do it. Please go check it out and become a fan! :)