More ceramics!

I just mentioned in the new post that my new ceramics pieces looked great, so I wanted to share some pics!
Here they are after coming out of the hot kiln. There are a lot, and 4 pieces aren't even pictured! So, I will have a lot of ceramic pieces to take back home haha. :D I am giving some to my friends and Andrew though; I hope they like them! :) Then, my family back home can take some too, except there are a few I want to keep. ;) You see that crazy crackly black mug up? That's Andrew's special mug! The glaze came out way different than I expected, but he loves it so I am so glad! In ceramics, sometimes you never know what you are going to get!

I am especially proud of this cup. The glaze came out interesting and beautiful; inside, there is a lovely swirl pattern~ :D


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