About Me

Hello all! 
My name is Ophelia and I am a stay at home mom to three 
kids, boy/girl twins and a little boy. 
They are super cute and energetic, and they sure keep me busy! ;) 
I also do Irish Dancing and write poems, stories, flash fiction, and I am working
on my first novel! 
I am passionately Pro-Life. I also love writing letters and having penpals! 
Cooking, collecting Japanese stationary, collecting Moomin items, watching British dramas like Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife are some of my FAVORITE things!! 
I have been published in Mothers Always Write, Verse-Virtual, Allegro Poetry,
Beyond Science Fiction, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Saturday Night Reader,
and others. 
I love getting to know other people! 
As aspiring authors, we can support each other
as well as inspire. 
You can find me on Instagram @opysdragon 
and I have an IG vintage shop here: @twoforteavintageshop. 


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