Foggy day, froggy day....


First off, I just need to say that the weather has been so weird......tomorrow is the first day of June and for the past few days the sky has been cloudy and the temperature chilly. I'm not saying I don't like it, but I like sunlight in the summer. It's cheerful. I don't like the heat though. Hopefully Thursday will be sunny, since that is the day my love should be coming to visit me! Ooooooh, what to cook, what to cook! ;)
Sorry that I haven't been posting lately, so lets get started! :)

This was lunch at Takara, a Japanese restaurant in Japantown, on Thursday. There was a little bowl of miso soup, green tea, a bowl of kitsune soba, and a bowl of Tanindon. It was a lunch combination set that was only $10. Very delicious as usual; I usually always order this when I go there. It's my two favorite Japanese foods together: noodles and donburi! I highly reccomend Takara, as it is an inexpensive but high quality restaurant in Japantown. :) My family loves this place too!

Then, I wanted to get a hazelnut gelato from Tango Gelato on Fillmore St so I walked over there before I left for home. I was kind of lonely though.......I miss eating gelato with my love.

I sat outside at a little table to take a picture, and a lady passing by saw and said something like: "And it'll taste great too!" I love how friendly some San Franciscans are. :)

On Friday I went out to Vietnamese food downtown with one of my oldest friends. We went to a little hole in the wall called Da Lat.

I, of course, ordered the Beef Pho with meatballs. The rice noodles were much thinner than what I am used to, but it was good. The broth was pretty flavorful, but I wish there had been more pieces of beef. The meatballs were okay. It was smaller than the bowls at Le Kims in Stockton, but I still got full.

My friend ordered a rice plate with barbecued pork and said they were tender, but that they were lying in a pool of oil/grease.....ewww. So, perhaps stay away from some of the rice plates. It's also pretty cheap; my bowl of pho was $6.95. But, Le Kims is still cheaper. ;)

Last Tuesday, when I came back from my love's house, my dad made pizza for dinner, which is my favorite. He probably knew I was sad at leaving A, so he wanted to cheer me up. :)

Here is the salami, cheese, and olive pizza.

And here is the Pizza Margherita. I didn't try this one because I got too full from eating from the other pizza! Soooo yummmy~~~~ Everything is homemade! I hope my dad makes this on Thursday! :D

At A's old house, there are quite a few fruit trees, such as an apricot tree, a cherry tree, a lemon tree, and a pear tree. We even discovered a berry bush last Monday. Here is a picture I took of the ripening cherries:

Such a beautiful house! I hope to try the cherries and apricots when they are ready someday!!


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