Om Nom Nom Saturday!

This morning, my father made me breakfast in bed! It was really delicious! My sister brought it out to me and I gazed on it with happiness in my heart and hunger in my eyes.

Breakfast consisted of a croissant filled with sharp white cheddar cheese and sliced deli ham that had been broiled in the oven. The cheese had melted and the croissant was faintly crispy. Accompanying this delightful meal was a mug of orange and mango juice. So good and refreshing! I was joined by my cute friends Ume (the turtle) and Tofu (the square sunflower tofu thing). It was a lovely morning, even though later I finished Donald Richie's latest (and perhaps last) book, which was a bittersweet feeling. I love reading, and finishing good books is a little sad.

Scooter, my tortoise, also had a treat this morning! My father gave her an old tomato he found in the fridge, and she happily started munching away. That's my girl! :)

Lunch was good; I had leftovers from Wednesday night's dinner, which was an Ethiopian chicken stew called Doro Wat. I should have taken pictures on Wednesday, but I had just gotten back home and was feeling tired. Instead of traditionally eating Doro Wat with a sort of flatbread called Injera, we improvise and eat it with rice, which compliments it very well since it soaks up the sauce. Also, hard-boiled eggs are thrown into the stew while it cooks, but there weren't any leftover for me. :(

Doro Wat is full of spices, onions, eggs, and chicken (usually legs and thighs, though I like it with breast meat as well). In Ethiopian cooking, there is a spice mixture used for practically everything known as Berbere. I am not sure what exactly is in it, but it's very strong and can be too spicy if a lot is used. My dad doesn't use very much when cooking because I am sensitive to spicy foods.

Thus, that was part of my food-filled Saturday!


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