The Quest to Make the Best Ramen Begins!

I still can't really believe I am home from college right now; I am trying to get used to having nothing to do! :D
So, for lunch today my father wanted me to make Miso Ramen. It was rather simple to make, since we are still trying to figure out the best recipe for it. All we did was boil chicken broth and the noodles. Then, I added two heaping spoonfuls of Shiro Miso paste (white miso), which is a mild miso paste. There is also Aka Miso (red miso) which is a lot stronger and I personally don't like it. I diluted the paste in a bowl with some chicken broth and then added it to the other chicken broth on the stove.

I cut up some tofu since we didn't have any other meats ready, and I sliced green onions, which adds a fresh, oniony flavor to the soup. I was dissappointed that we were out of eggs though......the hard-boiled egg is my favorite part of the soup!

So this is what it came out to look like. Not perfectly Ramen-esque, but I'm trying! Next i am going to add more ingredients, but this was just a quick summer lunch. My dad was disappointed with the broth and kept adding Soba-tsuyu sauce and Soy sause to it! It helped a bit, but the flavor of the broth wasn't bad, it just wasn't explode-in-your-mouth flavorful. I think my dad wanted the broth to taste like dashi, which is kind of fishy......not my thing.....

This bowl is full of more broth, with added shoyu and a tiny bit of dashi (at the urging of my father). It tasted sharper, but my dad poured so much soba-tsuyu in his bowl that it was overwhelming!

Thus, there is my first attempt. My dad declared that this summer will be the quest for the best homemade ramen! So I need to start cracking! Any tips?


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