A Peek into Zalea's World: Part 1

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I know I've been writing a lot about the novel I am working on, but I haven't imparted too much information on what it is about. This past week, the Deacon of our church asked to read what I have written so far and that was exciting; no one apart from me has read it and I am dying for some feedback. Since I am nearing the end, I've decided to share a little of my characters and their world with you all! :)

All characters, names, idea, and settings are copyrighted to Ophelia Leong.

A Peek Into Zalea's World: Part 1

Setting: The first half of the novel primarily takes place in a country called Milania. Milania is a large country, similar in shape to the USA, and is broken through the middle by a wide river known as Whistling Ford River. Whistling Ford River is maintained by a group of people called Whistlers, who carry passengers across the churning water in ferry boats. The nobles and Royal family live in Goldcourte, the capital city of Milania.

Zalea Amber Tracey, the daughter of a Tea Merchant lives in Merchant Crossing, a town in the southeastern part of Milania where Merchants have gathered to work on their wares and businesses. After a war 40 years earlier, the relationship between the Merchants and the King in Goldcourte has been tense. However, at the start of my novel, the visit of Prince Jarek to Merchant's Crossing for the Honeyblossom Jubilee is a start to fixing all that.


Zalea: Zalea is nineteen and very comfortable with her life at Willow Manor, her family's estate in Merchant's Crossing. At the start of my novel, she is trying to learn more about being a tea merchant and running a tea plantation like her parents. Her humor tends to be on the dry side, but she is a loyal friend and has a big heart. Zalea hasn't given much thought to marriage or adventuring outside of Merchant's Crossing, but when the opportunity for an adventure presents itself, will she go? 

Tyriel: Tyriel is Zalea's twin brother, who is quite the ladies' man. He has broken many hearts in and around Merchant's Crossing with his good looks and bright smile. He has always been a happy-go-lucky guy, and is very protective of his family, especially his siblings. 

Maggie: Maggie is one of the Whistlers, who man the ferry boats across Whistling Ford River. Usually, Whistlers live their whole life next to the river, but Maggie wants to explore and learn about the world. She joins Tyriel and Zalea on their adventure after they discover her unique power. 

Darren: Lord Darren, at first, is a dour and unhappy young man who accompanies Prince Jarek to Merchant's Crossing for the Honeyblossom Jubilee and insults Zalea. He has just suffered a tragedy and is in no mood for Jubilees or any sort of social event. However, after spending time with Zalea, his heart begins to heal. Darren is an intelligent and capable man with the most gorgeous violet eyes. ;) 

Sateela: Sateela lives in a country across the sea from Milania called Heeli-Shul. She is also nineteen, and is the daughter of Dr. Khosnas, the Sultan's physician. She is courageous, even in the face of the Sultan's wrath, and fights for what she believes in. Her life goes through many changes throughout the course of the novel. 

There are many more characters in my novel, and I will introduce them to you in another blog post. My characters are very excited to meet you all! I hope you've enjoyed this first look into my novel! Let me know what you thought in the comments section; I am so excited to hear about it! :) 


  1. I like the look! The commenting system is easier as well. ^ ^ The story sounds really cool! I like the river that divides and tea merchants: so cool. As a tea-love, I totally dig that. ^ ^ The characters sound interesting as well, but the world building immediately hooks me. Have you heard of Beautiful People before? It's a link-up that helps develop characters. Happy writing!



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