4 Months!!!!! <3

Uwahhhh~~ I am still basking in the awesomeness that was yesterday. My love came to visit me by train and we spent the whole day together in my neck of the woods. It was our 4 month anniversary and it was really wonderful. I was able to show him how I live here, and we played guitar and sang for each other, which was very special. I performed some songs I had learned for the first time for him and I got all shy! When he went back on the train, it was very hard for me; I miss him so much. Luckily, I should be able to see him on Saturday since we are performing at a cafe in SF with some friends. I hope that works out! I will be able to read some of my poetry! :)
Here is a picture of the cake I baked him. I love cooking for him; he likes what I cook, which makes me super happy. :) It is a vanilla white cake with homemade semi-sweet chocolate icing. I drew on stars and a little heart with some sugar gel stuff too. It's a star-cake!We had lunch together at my house, but then my dad wanted to take us out to dinner, which was very sweet of him. A loves Mexican food, so we went to a Mexican place near the train station. I ordered a hamburger since I can't eat Mexican food, and it was pretty good. A wasn't able to finish his vegetarian buritto since we had to almost run to the train station so he could make his train on time! He said it was good, but very filling. Here is a picture of all the free chips and dips they brought us, which made A very excited!

I think I truly am a Romantic; it's romantic to part with a lover before they head home on a train, but it's really sad too. I cried as I walked back to the restaurant where my dad and sister were waiting. It was kind of like an old-fashioned movie. What does make me feel better, apart from talking to him through webcam, is writing him love poems! :D If anything, that should make me a true Romantic! ;)
A few days before my lovey came, my sister and I were on a walk on the trail next to where we live. It is such a lovely trail, brimming with life and nature. A loved it, which made me so happy. As my sis and I were looking into a little stream, we saw these frog/tadpole creatures.....
I hope people can see it! It was heard to get a clear shot of it. But we thought it was cool. :D
I was supposed to go to SF today for a Japanese lesson, but I didn't feel up to it. I was pretty tired, the weather isn't that great, and my dad is super sick. He has very bad congestion, is weak, and is coughing a lot. So, I wanted to stay home and help him out. Plus.......I knew that if I went to SF today I would feel really lonely. I would much rather stay home with my family.
I made a yummy lunch today consisting of Trader Joe's chicken apple maple sausages, eggs, green onions, and a couple slices of my dad's homemade bread! Yum! It was simple and good. I have also been munching on brownie's from A's mom all day too! I haven't had brownies in a while, so it's a nice treat. They also make me happy because at all the family parties at A's old house, they have those little Sugar Bowl Bakery brownie bites, so they remind me of that. :)


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