Cafe La Boheme amazingness!!

Saturday night was epic. I felt the fire of youth raging through me; it was as though a heady liquor was being poured down my throat. I just closed my eyes and let it happen.
Pretty hefty words to describe one night, wouldn't you think? But it's true.
I am a poet and I perform with a group known as Euphorah. Here is their myspace page: Please check it out! I have a poem on their as well as pictures of me performing. :)
Anyway, we were invited to perform at a cozy cafe in the Mission District in San Francisco and I took BART down there to meet up with everybody. I was a bit nervous because I am not familiar with the Mission district, so I was scared of getting lost. Also, I was super excited because my love was going to perform his music too!!!! It was so nice to see everyone again; it felt really great. :)
I got there around 5:30 and met up with some of the group members who were just arriving also. I salsa danced with Evelyn, the dancer of Euphorah and one of my awesome friends from college, for a little bit on the street while waiting for Andrew. Then, after he and others arrived, we went inside the cafe to eat something. It was so cute because when me and Andrew saw each other across the street, we were both smiling; it was so romantic! ;)

The cafe is owned by a Middle Eastern family (Palestinian perhaps? I am not sure), so there are quite a few Middle Eastern dishes on the menu. Andrew got a spinach and feta pie with hummus:
I just wanted something simple and healthy, since my dad had made a rather large lunch of roast chicken, salad, and potatoes. So, I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and a mango smoothie:

Isn't Andrew adorable? He kept stealing sips of my smoothie, so I guess he must have liked it! It was very fresh; thick pieces of mango kept clogging up my straw, which was amusing and sometimes annoying. There was a strong banana taste to it also. The menu said it was mixed with apple and orange juices.

While I liked my sandwich, I thought the price was a bit high for what I got. For a plain chicken sandwich it was $6.99.....without a salad or anything on the side. The smoothie was $3.75 and Andrew's meal (which he loved!) was $5.99 with the addition of hummus. However, it is a somewhat popular cafe in SF with homemade food, so I suppose they can charge that much. Yet, I did find it a bit high. I would still go back though! :)

After we ate, we all started getting ready for the performance. There weren't too many people in the cafe; mostly people reading, eating, or working on their laptops. Others would come and go. A couple tables were surrounded by onlookers watching chess games!

Here is a shot of inside the cafe from where Andrew and I were sitting. We found a little nook facing the windows overlooking the street and sat there. It was very cute. :)

Then, it was performance time! I started the show by reading a love poem I had written for Andrew, as a way to introduce him, since he was performing after me. People seemed to really like it, and Evelyn even said it was sexy! :D Andrew liked it too, which made me happy.

Andrew played six songs, one of which was a cover. He sounded so awesome!! Check out his myspace here: He also has youtube videos of performances here:

Yes, I shamelessly advertise for my boyfriend. ;)

I am sorry to say that I don't have any pics of Euphorah or Vanessa performing. The owner of the cafe took pictures with his camera and posted them on the cafe facebook, so credit to this picture of me performing goes all to him! :)

The show went well, and afterwards Evelyn noticed that there was a huge dance party going on across the street! Random people were dancing to some guy's laptop! Of course, we ran there and proceded to dance our hearts out! ;) Andrew even joined me later; it was really fun to dance with him!

We left SF at 10 and blasted techno music in the car and danced. Somehow. ;D The moon was full and bright. It was such a wonderful and romantic night~~

Cafe La Boheme

3318 24th Street

(between Mission St & Osage St)

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 643-0481


  1. hun that was one of the best nights i've ever had. i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv uuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!


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