Happy 20th Post!! Yay! :)

Last night, my dad made a Filipino chicken dish called Chicken Adobo! I love the flavor of the sauce with the chicken; soy sauce, spices, and other yummy things are mixed together to create a very aromatic and flavorful dish! The rice soaks up all the sauce and is a perfect accompaniement to the chicken and sauce. :) I've only ever tried my dad's chicken adobo, so I would love to try a true Filipino version!

For lunch today, my dad wanted to take a shot at making Miso Ramen soup again. Thankfully it isn't super hot right now, so it wasn't bad having soup. :D The broth tasted very nice and strong; I think my dad did a really good job this time. It's simple, with only the miso broth, noodles, green onions, and hard-boiled eggs, but it's good. I will post a recipe on here once we perfect it!

On a truly random note, I think mopping the floor is an absolute waste of time. The floor will get dirty from the mop and your shoes, so there is no point! Augh! I had to clean the kitchen and mop the floor this morning, and it wasn't easy. I don't like mops......but at least it looks clean. And Scooter's little area is clean too, which makes me feel happy and accomplished. :)

I tried watching French Director Eric Rohmer's latest film "The Romance of Astrea and Celadon" this morning before cleaning, but I was very disappointed. It was not as good as his older films. I believe that France in the 1960s and 1970s was full of interesting art and culture asthe times changd. Some of the best French films come from that time, in my opinion. France has just changed too much these past 20-30 years, and the films just don't seem as real. Everything seems so postured and fake, as though the actors are trying too hard to be real people. When actors try too hard, it's so obvious that they are just actors presenting a facade of normality. Rohmer's earlier movies were acted by regular people who didn't feel a need to try so hard. I reccomend most of Rohmer's earlier films, just not this one.

Otherwise, I have been packing and cleaning my room. I keep unearthing old poems and notebooks, and, being the somewhat sentimental person that I am, I feel a desire to hold on to all my old writing. It shows how I've grown not only as a writer, but as a person. It makes me feel so nostaglic. :) I can't wait to share all my childhood things with Andrew! I also have an urge to keep it, and then look back on it many years from now. Looking at my old writing makes me smile, and I would love to read it again as the years pass.


  1. yeah hun, u gots to try our adobo! we put potatoes and radishes in it, yummmm...

    haha, fakey frenchies...

    but yeah, i cant wait to look at your old writing!!!!!!! <3

  2. the true philipino adobo depends on how the person makes it, and usually, it's GOOOOOD AND GREASY.


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