Cosmopolitan taste! ;)

Even though I miss college a lot, I have to admit that the food at home is way better than the food at school! My family is very lucky and thankful that we can eat so well.

For lunch yesterday, my dad made fried rice! We had some leftover rice in the fridge that we needed to eat, so my dad mixed that up with some ham, green onions, celery, egg, and peas. Then, he sauteed green beans and carrots in a garlic sauce to mix into the rice as well. It was very tasty! The ham added a nice meaty flavor to the rice. :) My dad was so proud of how he presented this that he told me to take a picture for my blog! I guess he is getting into the whole food blog/photo thing too! ;)

This mashed up-looking dish was part of last night's dinner. It is an Indian dish called Aloo Gobi, and there is cauliflower and potatoes in it. You can also put chickpeas an regular peas in it, but my dad kept it simple. He put in a small amount of curry, so it was okay for me to eat. It was delicious! It had been simmerring in chicken stock, so it was very rich! Yum!

Oooo, today's lunch! I had my favorite sandwich, a Croque Madame, which is grilled sandwich full of turkey, ham, and sharp cheddar cheese, plus an egg on top. Sorry if the egg yolk oozing down the sides looks gross, but it tastes delightful. Having the egg with this sandwich brings it to whole new level, since the egg adds another layer of richness.

As for life at home, it has been sooooo hoooooot! Yuck! My dad wanted to try making ramen soup for lunch today but I convinced him otherwise. It's too hot to have soup! We are hopefully going to have chicken adobo, a Filipino chicken dish, for dinner!! Someday Andrew will have to try my dad's chicken adobo, it's very light and tasty! I suggested to my dad that he and Andrew's mom should have a chicken adobo cook-off, but he backed down. :D
Next week might be a bit busy for me, which is good! :) I like having things to do! I hope to have time to do some special cooking. I've been dying to make some pesto sauce; it's delicious with not only pasta, but sandwiches too! Yay for cooking! :)


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