Finally, Inside The Reading Room!!

Lugging a large bag filled to the brim with DVDs and CDs I didn't want any more, I made my way to Amoeba Records in Berkeley to do some trading! I knew they wouldn't give me much money, but I wanted to get rid of some things. It makes moving easier. My dad dropped me off on Telegraph Ave and then went off to the Theological library.

I was able to get $20 in store credit, which isn't too bad. I bought two used CDs: Andrew Bird's new album Noble Beast and a Sigur Ros' album called Agaetis Bryjun, which has just been named Iceland's best album of all time! I am excited to have new music to listen to! :)

Then, I walked around trying to decide whether or not I should scrape some change together for some frozen yogurt or gelato, but decided against it. Instead, I walked through the streets and enjoyed the nice cool day. I relished the coolness since it's been a crazy hot week!

I love how green everything was! So bright and cheery! Then, I walked onto the campus and enjoyed the feeling of being on college ground again! :)

I saw these stone lanterns in the garden of the Alumni center. Lovely, aren't they?

Finally, I reached my destination: the Doe Library! I love this library; it's so stately and large!

The highlight of this little trip to Berkeley has to be the Morrison Reading Room! It's a special room located on the first floor to the right as you enter the library, and it is dedicated to reading! Anyone can come in and plop down in one of the comfy chairs and read! Oh, it was so relaxing and wonderful! When I have some money to spend a day in Berkeley, I plan to go spend some afternoons there! It's really something special! :) I woulld have loved to take pictures of it, but you aren't allowed to.

Of course, none of my blog posts would be complete without mentioning food! My dad made chicken, carrot, garlic, and green bean stir fry for dinner! Yum! The picture above is my sister's plate: she begged me to put it on my blog for some reason. Below is my plate. It was very filling and fresh! :D


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