French food galore!

Look at how that puff of vanilla buttery, chewey sweetness sits upon that little plate. This was the first macaron I ever tried and it was amazing! I went to a place on Fillmore Street in SF called La Boulange yesterday for lunch and I splurged! :)

This was the creamy mushroom chicken open-face sandwich with a green salad drizzled with vinaigrette. It was delicious! So creamy and warm! The chicken wasn't too flavorful, but the mushrooms really stood out and gave the dish a hearty, deep taste. There were also some caramelized onions in there too, and that also added another layer of deliciousness. Luckily, the onions didn't overpower the dish! I really enjoyed this sandwich! :)

The menu at La Boulange is full of yummy sounding dishes so I plan to go back and try some more! They also serve pastries and bakery items, which is how I was able to get some macarons!
I bought three more for later after I ate; the nice lady at the counter gave me a knowing smile. I bet these are very popular! The white one is another vanilla one, the pink is passion fruit mango, and the brown one is chocolate. I adored the chocolate one, the vanilla one was a bit too sweet that time around, and the passion fruit mango was interesting.....not too sure if I really liked that one.

When I came home from SF yesterday, my sister wanted to leave immediately to go see our friends, who are also sisters.

We spent the afternoon playing with their puppy Coconut, who is a cute and fluffy poodle! :) For dinner, I quickly put together pasta with peas, chicken, a tiny bit of butter, and some cheese to hold it together. It was simple, but still good. I was still ridiculously full from lunch, so I just ate because it was dinnertime and the girls needed to eat.

For breakfast this morning I had some cheesy eggs and ate a chocolate hazelnut croissant I bought yesterday from La Boulange! It was a good croissant, but I have had better. The hazelnut taste was not as strong as I think it should have been, which was a bit disappointing. Next time I want to try their almond croissant! :)

The girls pancakes. They look like alien food, but they liked them.

They wanted me to take a picture and then post it on this blog. :D they are. So neon. I didn't try any because I was full, but I think they were good.

Thus, that is how the past couple days have been. :) I think I am working tomorrow and Friday, then will hopefully be going to SF this weekend to celebrate my dad's friend's birthday! He and his wife have the cutest baby girl twins! I am not sure if we will be going out to lunch, but that would be awesome! Otherwise, things are pretty chill here. I am hoping the weather will start becoming nicer. It's sunny right now, which is a plus. Next Saturday Andrew will hopefully be coming to visit me, which will be so awesome! I can't wait! :)


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