A Full Day!

Today was actually hot! *gasp* I for one did not like it, but my sister was excited. We went to do some shopping in the afternoon and decided to go Green Tea Cafe for some fruit slushes. I got the mango slush with mango jelly at the bottom, and my sister got a peach slush with boba (tapioca pearls) at the bottom. The mango slush is so refreshing and yummy! The jelly was interesting, very sweet. I love this cafe because they subsitute soy milk in their milk tea drinks!! YAY!

This was dinner made by my dad! He made lime chicken burritos with beans and Mexican rice. This was his burrito, with everything on it; it's a monster! :D

This was my more modest burrito. I don't like beans or burritos so this just had chicken, cheese, lettuce, and rice. It was a yummy and filling dinner! Not too spicy either! ;)
Aahhh, these are the lovely and cheerful sunflowers my grandmother got me yesterday! I love them! Perfect for summer!

I went on a walk today armed with my camera, iPod, and cell phone. It was still a little hott, but I still enjoyed my walk. Here is a pic of a mama duck with her fluffy and adorable ducklings! So cute! I love seeing them on my walks! :)


  1. sweetie poopoo, i love this! sounds like a tasty and fun day!


    i'll beat that, fo sho.


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