Going to the beach!! :D

Ooooh, two posts in one day! Yay! ;)

Anyway, today my dad took my sister and I to the beach for the first time in two years!!! I was really excited about going since we hadn't been for so long. It was a nice family outing, and we went to the beach that was a large part of our childhood. It made me a bit nostalgic! :)
I smartly took a hat and was very excited to show it off apparently, hahaha. :D I had fun taking lots of pictures with my camera!

For lunch, we packed a picnic! We brought sandwich fixings and everyone helped themselves. I made a gigantic sandwich full of chicken, Black Forest Ham, lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese, and I spread some hummus on the bread! Trader Joe's hummus is rather sharp, and since I have only been eating my dad's homemade hummus I had forgotten what that one tasted like. I think the acidic flavor is almost too strong, but that's just me. The sandwich was delicious and filling!! I also munched on some Fuji apple slices, yum!

The day started out a little foggy, but it wasn't cold. The fog quickly went away, which was nice! It was a lovely day, perfect for the beach. :)


  1. cutttttiiiiiieeeeeee pieeeeee, <3!

  2. I'm going to the beach soon too, and it will also be my first visit to one in 2 years aughhh.


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