Good old times! :)

Yesterday I spent the day with my two oldest friends! We hadn't really hung out too much since summer started because we've been busy, so it was nice to be with them again and have fun. It's been a while since we did that. :) Things are changing in our lives and ourselves, but we will always be family.

It was a hot but pretty day so we wanted to eat outside. Thus, Val went to go get a burrito from Chipotle and then walked over to Whole Foods where me and Andrea were getting sandwiches! We sat outside and had fun talking and eating. My sandwich was delicious and filling! I got lettuce, spring mix, onions, roasted turkey, cheddar cheese, hummus spread, and basil pesto spread on a sweet baguette! I loved how all the flavors meshed together so well. Pacific's sandwich counter could learn a lot from Whole Foods! One might think that having basil pesto spread on one side and hummus on the other might taste kinda weird, but it works! The hummus had a nice strong garlic taste that complimented the pesto. I loved it! :)
Then, we went to Gelateria Naia to try some soy gelato. I went to the one in Berkeley with Andrew and we loved it! I wanted to see if the one where I live had as many flavors. Sadly, one of the display cases was broken so they only had less than half of their regular flavors. Which meant no hazelnut gelato for Ophelia. :( Instead I got Madagascar Vanilla and Soy Scharffen Berger chocolate. It was pretty good, but didn't taste as fresh as the gelato we had in Berkeley.

For dinner, my dad surprised me and made French Onion Soup! He used his homemade wheat bread in it, which was good but soaked up all the broth. Still, it was a filling and rich soup! The onions were soft and had a sweet flavor. The cheese is the best part! :D

Here is a close-up of one of the huge soups. We only had one bowl apiece but that was enough!
Today we might be going to the beach! I haven't been in sooooo long! I wish Andrew was coming, but he will hopefully be coming with us next time! I plan to take lots of pictures! I have discovered a love for photography; I think the more I practice and take pictures the better photographer I will become! Just like guitar, which I love playing thanks to Andrew's awesome skills! :D


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