Grace of Sunlight

Grace of Sunlight

A field of yellow--

Now that summer has come

The grass has gone dry

My hands are outstretched

And I feel the dry tips of plants

With my fingers

My legs take me far

And I don't stop

Words and feelings stream by

Like a river that propels me forward

But I'm lost in its currents

The sweet musk of jasmine flowers

Hangs in the hot air

As I ride my bike down paths not yet forgotten

The trail opens itself up to me,

It welcomes me

Ducks swim by with their fluffy ducklings

Plopping in and out of the water

Learning to navigate through it

Bees hum and hover among the flowers

And birds trill out from the trees

A turtle's head peeks up from the rippling water

A silent hello, a faint recognition

Squirrels scuttle through the paths and up trees

The air is flavored

With the refreshing bite of eucalyptus

Everything flows through me

Cleansing me and reminding me

Of the grace of sunlight


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