Homemade Basil Pesto Pasta! :)

I have been dying to try making homemade pesto sauce ever since I discovered how much I like it at Cafe Citti. I bought a nice pasta cookbook a couple weeks ago, and there is a quick and simple recipe for pesto in it. Thus, I couldn't wait to make some! My dad let me make some for dinner tonight, and here is what happened!

Basil leaves, garlic, and parmesan is put into a food processor and blended together. I omitted the pine nuts because my dad doesn't like them. After all those ingredients blend, with the motor running you pour olive oil into the mixture to make a paste.
Here is the pesto paste! I love the deep green color of it! :D

Here is the finished pasta! Yay! We didn't have the required amount of basil leaves on our plant that the recipe called for. Thus, the pasta isn't as green as it should be. I also think that the food processor we have is too big, so the pesto paste didn't mix too well. My dad and sister really loved the pasta though, which made me happy. :) It was very garlicy and we put a lot of parmesan on it. Yumm~~
My dad wants me to make this again, but I plan to do it a bit differently. I'll make sure we have enough basil leaves, even if we have to buy some. Also, my dad suggested we use the blender instead of the food processor, so we'll see how that turns out! :)
Otherwise, it is SO HOT. I almost can't stand it! It's been over 100!! My poor tortoise Scooter is spending all her time under my sister's bed since it's cool and dark down there. We have been hanging in the house all day trying to stay cool. It's supposed to cool down this week, which I can't wait for!!! :D


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