Homemade Monster Bagels!!! :)

Ahhhh, summer is truly upon us. The days are slow and hot, full of relaxation and sometimes idleness. Even Scooter is spending her days just sleeping and munching away at her cool lettuce, like in the picture above.
Since my dad didn't need me at work today, I stayed home and made something we needed! I've realized that I really like working and keeping busy. :)
What is that mound of dough going to become?

BAGELS! Yes, this morning I tried my hand at making homemade bagels! My dad doesn't like buying bread at stores anymore so he makes his own. Today I wanted to try!

In the two pictures above the bagels are puffing out and waiting to be boiled. You have to boil the bagels quickly before they are baked in the oven.

Here they are after being boiled. Wrinkly aren't they? I am not too sure why, but my dad thinks it is because we didn't have any bread flour so I used regular all-purpose flour instead.

Voila! Homemade bagels! Even if they don't exactly resemble bagels perfectly, they still taste delicious!
They puffed out so much that some of them are huge!

Here is what they look like on the inside. They didn't rise too much, but thats okay!

Here was my lunch--a cheese and chicken apple maple sausage omelette with one of my bagels. Very filling and good! A simple summer lunch. :) This may seem like breakfast, but eating eggs for lunch or dinner is a French thing.
I am hoping that these bagels will last until Andrew comes over on Friday! I would love for him to try one! He will be spending the 4th of July with me and my family!! I am sooooo excited!!! :D
Lots of cooking ahead! ;)


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